In observance of Memorial Day...

In observance of Memorial Day, the US markets as well as our offices will be closed. The staff here at and MarketClub want to thank the men and women of the U.S. armed forces who have died serving our nation.

We hope everyone enjoys this day of remembrance and we will see you bright and early tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “In observance of Memorial Day...

  1. I hear ya Frank ,
    My Dad served as many from His generation did.
    They responded to a call.
    These are decent men and woman.
    Im just sad about,
    "rulers" that fund these wars could care less about how much blood is shed.
    So My greatest respect to you and all who answer a call in their heart.
    It is just that we are manipulated into wars.
    Just watch as the next one develops before our eyes.
    I sat with my son and a recruiter.
    These guys are like madison avenue salesmen.
    They sell kids on free college, become "somebody"
    It aint free you just have to pick up a gun and shoot the enemy of the day.
    I threw the guy out of my house do they teach military sales at west point?

  2. Those that died are true hero's, but remember those that lived also served, you don't have to die to be a hero.

    Frank Jones
    Retired MSG - United States Army
    I spent 24 years protecting those who can only complain about how bad this country is - May GOD continue to protect them even from themselves]

    1. Frank,

      Thank you for your service to our country. I'm sure we can all agree that all of those who serve our country are heros. Thank you for pointing this out and we appreciate your comments.


      Lindsay Bittinger & MarketClub

  3. The sad thing is yes these dead men and woman died.
    My question is who do they really serve?

  4. God Bless America and the people of the United States. Freedom is not free. You must pay the price and you must sacrafice for your liberty. God knows we have so let's keep it that way. FREEDOM!!!!

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