Saturday Success Story - Robert, Texas

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Here's great news from a member...

"Adam keeps me posted on overall market direction as well as presenting several specific trading ideas several times a month. These videos are very educational and usually spot on. In addition to this, I use MarketClub to identify trading signals for options on stocks that I own. I am more of a position trader and I use daily red signals to open covered call positions on my stocks and corresponding green signals to buy back those calls or in most cases they expire worthless. Great way to generate income against your portfolio with little risk. I can usually pay back my yearly subscription in one month. Thanks MarketClub." ~ Robert B., Texas

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - Robert, Texas

  1. Hi Robert I find your comments on using trade triangle to time your cover call trades most interesting. Can you please indicate what percentage returns you generate on your investment over a 12 month piriod

  2. One of the best way to invest overall - is to only use own money that you can leabve in the markeet for at least 10 years. This way you are not vulnerable to short term fluctuations.

  3. Sounds like a good membership you have. I always wanted to trade shares and have done a little bit of it but every time lost money on it so that kind of scared me away from it.

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