MarketClub TV (4/21/11)

First off, I want to congratulate Wayne Byron on his free one year membership to MarketClub. Although Wayne is already a current member, he will receive an additional year free to his membership.

Now down to business. The dollar hit a new low today. If you watched my afternoon update, you know that gold hit our predicted level of 1,500. Still not as strong as silver, but what's next for gold?

I also talk about "stops" in tonight's video. Whether it be in regards to percentage, the dollar, or our very own trade triangles, you don't want to miss it.

You may not want to rush into google, but you will have to tune in to find out why.

Also, Cal from Toronto has a great question that we discuss. I look forward to hearing your questions next Thursday on MarketClub TV!

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  1. I am watching on a COREDUO processor, but still, the video comes broken. Youtube and other though, works fine. Any suggestions ?



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