80 thoughts on “Adam's Latest Weekend Rant On Jobs

  1. Thank you Lance. Very reasonable pov among all of the ignorant Obama blaming rants. The housing market was the source of millions of jobs, which is now dead thanks to Bush's de-regulating of the banking system. Obama inherited a huge mess and now the people who hated him from the beginning blame it on him.

  2. @ Batch - So you want to cuss and call me names eh? I don't respect people that hide behind an alias and call people names. It's like how old are you? 12??

    When you want to stop being a scared little snake hiding in the shadows and calling people names while hiding behind an alias, maybe I'll respond to you.

    But someone so scared they have to hide behind an alias over the Internet and use insults rather than discuss the issues isn't worth more of my time than this short reply.

  3. Dear Mr. Batch (or is Mr. Bixxx?),

    In reference to the last line where you you write "wake up." I think you should go to sleep now.

    You've spewed so much filth and putrid hate that some of your remarks might border on threats-terroristic threats at that. A federally punishable offense.

    You sir, are truly unintelligent, uniformed and irrelevant.

    Dear MarketCrutch.com,

    PLEASE DO A BETTER JOB OF SANITIZING THESE MESSAGE BOARDS. Permitting these insults, untrue allegations and threats, physical, mental and otherwise, are not the example of a "world-class" financial services website.

    Respectfully yours,

    Eric J. Meyers, CPA, CFA, MBA

  4. its not the presidents fault ok its bushes. obama will win again if you want to bet on it.i listen to buffett not semi well-doers

  5. Mr. Dave W,

    You hit the nail on the head! Political commentary should be left political commentators - not market speculators.

    Respectfully yours,

    Eric J. Meyers, CPA, CFA MBA

  6. Mr. Steve Warshaw,

    Your remarks aren't only incorrect but they're also absurd. There's no accuracy in what you've typed. Kindly remove the keyboard from the computer and discard it promptly. You'll do this forum a huge favor.

    Respectfully yours,

    Eric J. Meyers, CPA, CFA, MBA

    P.S. CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant. I happen to know a little bit more about corporate taxes than you. 🙂

  7. Dear Mr. Steve Warshaw,

    Thank you for insulting me. Alas in the end "your rant" has only amplified the lack of your understanding about the current fiscal situation and how we arrived here. I seriously doubt that you're qualified in any way shape or form to comment about financial matters - even in your wildest fantasy.

    Kindly pick up a book and educate yourself. And then and only then should you partake with your limited intelligence. Using words like "piss", "idiot" and misspelling a simple word like going (last line of "your rant") only highlight your poor grasp and command of English.

    Just some sage words to you Mr. Warshaw - turn off Fox News, stop watching Glenn Beck reruns and save the $495 that you transfer to Adam Hewison every year. It's quite obvious that are unable to trade the markets without MarketCrutch. I digress, I meant MarketClubForMoronsLikeYou.com

    Respectfully yours,

    Eric J. Meyers, CPA, CFA, MBA

  8. you can always tell comments from people who've run a business from those who never have...not just here but on every financial site.

    Until you run a business of your own, you will never understand the choking government bureaucracy that the average business owner has to put up with. They stick their noses into everything and we pay for it...not just through all the extra people we have to hire to administer government BS, but, literally, through our taxes -- we pay for it.

    And before some lame brain says, "Hey, at least you're hiring extra people!" I should remind everyone that people hired to administer government requirements add nothing to the top line, but take away from the bottom line -- Which opens up the door nice and wide for Asian companies -- who don't have a bunch of government overhead -- to produce what we do at half the cost and twice the quality, ultimately leading to the abysmal job situation we have now.

    America is no longer lean and mean...it's a fat, pathetic, chugging, antique train headed for a cliff...and the people on board continue to argue over who gets the table scraps while the cliff gets nearer every day.

    Adam's suggestion is a good start...but nothing will happen until the train falls over the cliff and nobody will lend to America anymore. America has literally borrowed more money than it can possibly pay back.

    This is the beginning of the end of a pretty good run for the country.

  9. Some good points there but note,that you guys live in a SPEND MORE TO SAVE MORE enviroment and no other country in the world has this kind of policy.When the consumer money runs out and all the credit cards are full,there is not much the consumer can do but tighten the belt and do their shoppings at the dollartree stores for years.The recession peroids for this reasons will get worse from here on.The military spending is also not much help to get out of government debt,i don't know if the politicians will ever figure that out.

  10. I loughed so hard,i almost got a heartattach when i heard of 4-5 trillion $ cuts planned.They will be lucky if they can manage a 100 billion out of the 15 trillion debt and it will last probably a week.

  11. Don't blame obama,he's doing the best he can.I'm sure a lot of roads and bridges got fixed from the stimulus and nothing wrong with that but when simple costumer service jobs are outsourced to india and who knows where despite the fact,that companies are sitting on trillions of dollars of profit and scratching their heads what to do with it,i start scratching my head too.

  12. You're right. Bill Clinton didn't balance the budget. He was the first president in over 40 years to end his term with a budget surplus.
    G.W. Bush then gave all that surplus to the wealthiest Americans with $2,000 & $3,000 tax rebates. The middle class only got $100-$300 back and thought they were doing well. That's where all the surplus went.
    "I’ll use a simple anecdote that even the most sensitive liberal must be able to understand…"
    9.1% to 9.2%? Is your stop-loss trigger 0.1%? I didn't think so.

  13. adam,

    i'm cancelling my subscription. your service has become of no use. you trending/timing gimmick has been figured out. i'll just spend $20 a month with investors.com and figure how to trade the rest. they're slanted but cheaper than you...

    you had a good service but your big mouth has ruined it.

    thanks for nothing

    ps - if you can do a better job then run for office. but do it without my $495!

  14. uh Eric Meyers, are you saying that there are no rants on MSLSD or the Communist News Network? Adam knows plenty about what he's talking about. He owns and runs a successful small business; he has work in the financial world (I'm guessing) since you were in diapers, and what he's saying is basic common sense.

    I'll use a simple anecdote that even the most sensitive liberal must be able to understand...

    Over the past 10 years, the federal government (not your state, county, or city government) has taken in between 2.1 and 2.5 trillion dollars per year.

    They've barrow from .3 trillion to 1.3 trillion (that's over 50% greater than total revenue) during each of those years.

    Why would any American want to give more tax revenue an entity which mismanages it's funds so egregiously?

    In other words, the feds already have plenty of revenue to carry out their enumerated duties. There should be a surplus which is being invested for the benefit of the public, but instead the feds piss away money because they think its' free.

    Next time, read the title of the video you idiot. It's pretty clearly stated that this is goign to be a political rant.

  15. huge comment, false premise. Bush didn't lower corporate tax rates. Our corporate tax rates are 2nd highest in the world, which is why large corporations move their profitable businesses over seas. We HAVE to reduce corporate tax rates to be more competitive and remove the motivation of corporations to do so.

  16. Hey Lance, sounds like you should lance your brain, get out all the obama liquid out of your skull.
    Point, 4 trillion, we have no idea how much he has spent. I am sure allot more. Let me be clear, I did not like the bush bank Paulson bail out. Let them sink.
    Back to my points. You are so off base with all your points, Obama is block, he does everything with executive order if he does not get his way. He is the one who did not fill positions by not naming them to the positions.
    I think he had the house since 2006 if you can check your own facts. See, I hate the twisting of facts. You seem to have one slant, let the gov run everything. Look at what they run, it is a pile of shit. They, I mean both sides of the isle, are fine and very rich.
    How about last thursday by executive order doing the dream act. Why should we allow eligals to become instant voters with no sweet. I wonder.
    Fed, who is running that, fat cat on wall street. Oh, as an aside, if you taxes and sold everything and killed off all the millionaires for the inhert tax. I mean all the assets, everything. We could not pay for the cost of gov for one yrs. It cost us 10 billion aday. If you doubt it, I am sure you do, go to iowa hawk typehead.com. It has it step by step.
    If you still love obama after all the shit he has pulled and complained about bush when he was a junior senator, he is doing the same thing. But you blame bush. What an idiot you are.
    I also want to point out that clinton did not balance the budget, he did hype, all the pain came after the idiot blow job seaker was out of office. Oh by the way, how about the dot com buble bush got to take over from clinton. Did you forget that fact. Come on.
    Obama and his house and senate in 2008 2010 had full control, they did not stop any wars like they said. He started one all by himself. What, how you like that hope and change.
    I could go on and on but you are a stupid ass and with so much shit between your ears I scratch my head and wonder why I point out this to you. You can't obsorb it.
    Why are you in the market, you obviously don't like to make money, the so called fat cats are you. YOU, you idiot.
    I will end with this, why can we not drill in our own country for oil, (oil industry is taxed at a rate of 42%, why don't you figure your taxes on this ratio, Buffet, he can pay more tax if he so chooses but he doesn't. He starts a foundation, donates his money to it, gets a tax brake for the money donated, takes back a salary but then uses the tax brake to off set the money given. So he illiminates all the taxes. Slick right. But he donated it to a cause, his cause you fools.)
    Why did obama give 2 billion to Chavez to build his platforms to drill in the ocean. You people that think like you are the first ones to cry when you don't have your high speed internet you claim about on you post. Hey, shovel ready jobs, it takes two to two and half yrs to do enginering for dambs and bridges. I remember hearing obama shovel those jobs already, but then retracked the statement 9 months lated. He is a fool nd you are also for following him off the cliff. Forgive me if I cut the rope before I go over with you fools. I work construction and have been for over 33 yrs. Never have I seen so much bs, dont even start on barny the frank lover. Along with Riens who ran fannie mae, 100 million he got paid to drive it into the ground. Wake up.

  17. Poor people can’t just stay home all day and gamble (day trade) like the rich and bankrupt……………most of these wining f*s typically only pay 15 percent and no SE tax………How about a few billion in fines and some jail terms for those wonderful folks at Goldman and the Paulson twins who drove us off the cliff in the first place?

  18. Adam,
    I feel your frustration, and it is evident by the responses, others are frustrated as well. I don't think there is much difference you are I or anyone here can make in time to prevent us having to go through this very tough time. I agree that jobs would be the key to fixing the economy and deficits, along with some common-sense legislation like fixing the tax code to incentivise job creation and close loopholes. I just don't see that happening anytime soon because of our political situation.

    As long as there is no campaign finance reform to get big money, lobbyists and special interests out of our election process then there will be legislation that benefits those groups above others and sometimes with disastrous effects, as we're seeing now. Those elected in the current process are owned by those interest groups that delivered campaign money to get them in office. Those are the only constituents that that particular elected official truly represent, not the individual voters in their district to whom the laws govern. Both sides of the aisle of elected officials are owned, and their incentive is a short horizon to be re-elected by serving those that financed them into office.

    Until something MAJOR happens to unite the public, the status quo will be preserved. And even then, who knows, with the 24 hour news and editorial cable programs geared for sensationalism and smudged with political talking points, it is very difficult for the common person to decipher what the heck is really going on. No wonder the American public is so cynical! Many of our elected officials act like undisciplined children, but they are not held responsible. It is very common to float dis-information just to illicit a response. No one is held responsible for anything anymore. As we've seen so many times recently, if you have money behind you, you can get away with almost anything. You can even upset the global banking system, keep your job and in a year or so if you don't do it again, get a hefty raise. It's like a rat race, everyone wants to get theirs now, before things change, it's the only game in town. No one thinks of the long term consequences. The future could only be four years away!

    Actually, think about it. What can we do about the situation? Nothing really. In my case, the only thing I think I can do is to try to live my life as an example to others, and to make enough money in the market to equal what I would have made if I had a job!

  19. Hi, Adam, I totally agree with you. The 535 in WA DC have only their own interests in mind. They are in a big fog, only thinking about their own re-election, and they are unable to see about the big picture.

    The sad thing is that our country is facing the challenge of the Cloward–Piven strategy which is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward (1926-2001) and Frances Fox Piven which called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of "a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty"

    The ultimate objective of this strategy is to overwhelm our capitalist system, turning to a socialistic system. This strategy forms part of the basis for President Barack Obama's economic policy. Once the government has totally destructed the wealth of our nation, i.e. devaluation of our dollar, not meeting our debts and destruction of the wealth, the final phase of the strategy is the collapse of the system.

    We are involved in 4 wars, approximately 1 in 5 people are unemployed, face a long lasting housing bust, extreme debt, the beginning of inflation, soon to become hyperinflation,and we are facing debt beyond our means. Our country is overwhelmed.

  20. LanceJ; You are right on.

    The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan said; "you can have your own opinions, but you can't have your own facts".
    The facts are that this economy is being sabotaged. The Rush Limburger strategy is for Republicans to do everything in their power to make sure the economy fails so they can scoop up the Senate in 12 with their scare tactics. It is working out pretty well, so far.

    A country friend made a comment about the Bush rescue money, when it was announced, that shows native intelligence. He said; "They are feeding the wrong end of the mule".
    Obama's spending was a little more accountable and targeted but still largely off the mark. That 4 trillion Adam was ranting about went to help Wall Street, not Main Street.

    Adam, I am a big fan of your site. I really appreciate your market insights. Thank you for all you do.
    However, when you lean on the big "O" without even a nod to the way the Republicans have handled themselves I wonder if you are getting your "news & views" spoon fed from the Republican/Murdoch machine.
    Really, Obama has not done everything he could to improve the situation but he does not have a partner in the House. A little ragging on the right is in order Adam.

  21. I am amused and normally don’t waste my time with “stuff” where everybody knows everything about everything. Many don’t realize that this is all about larger government therefore Keynesian economics fits quite well even if it destroys the country. It is for the greater good of our leadership. When the economy tanks and political support wanes, a war is created as our salvation. Let’s just see where our Afghanistan troops get redeployed next. Wars create patriotic support and helps bury misdeeds, theft, and misappropriations. Try reading “Economics In One Lesson”
    Adam, although you are correct, all the ranting will just continue when others grovel in their infinite wisdom of Democrats versus Republicans. It’s the economic principles that provide the correct solution. I wonder how many out there want to face reality.

  22. And how does this help me invest my money this week?? If I want political commentary, I can watch TV on Sunday AM. Reaching for the delete key.

  23. We have become a service based economy. We need to bring the manufacturing base back. It would have to be made more attractive for corporations to want to come here. I know that with more automation, less jobs would be available anyway. The government has to stop spending money it doesn't have and stop borrowing as well. It has to halt foreign aid. A bill should pass into law making lobbying illegal. It only benefits big business and special interests, never the u.s. taxpayer.

  24. The Federal Reserve has played a major role in this country's demise. It is insane to pay interest on paper money they have created out of thin air. There is so much historical admonitions against allowing a central bank to control our money that it makes me wonder who our elected officials really answer to. What would our national debt be if all of a sudden we told the Federal Reserve to cease functioning and, moreover, to write off of their receivables the interest they have saddled this country with? JFK had this same question and it may have cost him his life.

  25. You have it completely wrong. There has to be an FDR type WPA program to put people to work. Every premise you state is not so. What is wrong with Americans that they would put the country down the toilet just to keep taxes low for wealthy people and to crush wages for working people. There is something much worse that racism at work in the U.S.

  26. Success if very simple. JUST COPY IT!

    JFK came into office with as bad of a recession and here is what he did.

    He went to congress and said cut spending 10% accross the board.
    He went to business and said government is going to lower the capital gains tax to "0". We expect you to
    expand and hier people.

    He did not bail people and businesses out. His famous speech stated "Ask not what your country can do for you, instead as what can you do for your country.

    That is exactly what happened and he help create a economic expansion and bull market in the 60's that was unpresidented.

    Go back into history and listen to his speeches to the house and senate and the business community.

    Oh, that is the economic policy please don't try to offset any of this success with all his other BS.

    We are not passed the point of no return yet but we are very close.

  27. Our great country is at a crossroads here.The current socialist democrats need to destroy the economy first in order to move their socialist agenda forward their doin a bangup job of it.Free market capitalism is what made this the greatest country on the planet that is the only way out of this mess.President Barrack Husein Obama nows exactly what hees doing its called social engineering!MAY GOD SAVE AMERICA.

  28. Adam, I just read all the comments thus far. Wow, what a mix of opinions! I would suggest that this profile of comments is very likely representative of this country. You have a little more than half the people that understand that the policies of this administration are killing the economy, jobs, and eventually the country. You have the same mob of liberals who don't comment on policy or economics but attack you personally. Then, there are those who still buy into Keynesian economics in spite of the fact that his economic beliefs have been proven wrong over and over again.

    I personally think that the belief in Keynesian policies is analogous to the belief in socialism. It provokes a religious cult kind of behavior which explains why the failure of keynesian economics can't be recognized by them. This is a scary kind of consideration relative to the next election. Getting the Keynesian 'believers' to understand isn't going to happen via a mental lightbulb. It will take a lot of time and education.

    Why are we all talking about this? Because we are all scared. The prospects of what will happen to this country...initially in an economic sense and subsequently in a social sense is scary indeed.

    As for your market analysis...keep up the good work, I was particularly fascinated by the effect on gold over the weekend. Buyers would have run up the price by over $11 but the dollar induced a negative $12 for a net negative. As you indicated, gold and silver are still building that "energy field". The net negative impact of the dollar on gold will keep things subdued a bit longer.

    And, for the record, I appreciate the humility in your use of the term "rant" when in fact it is bravery that provokes one to simply speak the truth. Thanks for all you do.

  29. absolutly explicite, clear and understandable. Itotally agree with you that 18000 jobs is a joke. the better one is that nobody could predict these figures.
    considering the fact that I'm in the market for quite a while ; Ithink that AMERICA is experiencing ademantia situation.
    this one has to change very quiqly.
    you have to reinvent AMERICA.


  30. Adam;

    Your voice is barely audible in this video, can you make some technical
    adjustments? Can't easily make out what you're saying! What I did hear
    made a lot of sense and I agree that small business should have had all
    the government assistance to create jobs that apparently went to bail out
    failed banks! There is a lot of commentary in the responses to your rant,
    and I assure you you'll have a hell of a lot more to rant about before this
    stuff is over! I personally don't know of the depth of your knowledge of
    American history, but in my view your reactions are to the obvious symp-
    toms not the underlying causes of those symptoms. Some of your readers are
    calling for a second revolution! Do they know that there were two revolts
    against the young American government in your neck of the woods in 1787
    and in 1794,'Shay's Rebellion' in Boston and the 'Whiskey Rebellion' which culminated in Washington, Pennsylvania, and the Monongahela Valley and in which Mr. George Washington came out of the 'white house' as chief executive and in full military dress commanded over 15,000 federal troops to smash that rebellion (it probably hardly lasted more than a few minutes with all that
    fancy British like brass and artillery in full view!)? This is what I find so amusing in the statement that some are making now about giving this country back to the 'people'. Why, any six year old properly educated in the truth about American 'history' can easily see the 'people' have never had control of any such thing! The word democracy does not even appear in the American
    constitution, in fact after those failed rebellions Washington's general
    staff proposed to storm and seize control of congress and make him 'Emperor'
    of America"! The lies and deceitful conceit are coming home to roost sir, and nothing can prevent that and it will be well deserved, as Senator Daniel
    Patrick Moynihan said would result for communities that tolerated 'woman dom-
    nated homes without any 'male authority'! How impersonal and impartial karma,
    life, and the cycles of history can be! The manipulation of the public mind through historical lying in the educational system, the stealing of Texas from Mexico in order to foster slave trade and nullify the executive order of the second president of that country who by executive order freed over two
    hundred thousand African and Indian slaves there,the Jekyll Island conspiracy in which J. P. Morgan and his cronies plotted and planned the stealth passage in the early hours of the morning in Washington for passage of the bill that legalized and established the Federal Reserve Banking System in 1913 here forever shackling true free markets from that point on, and many other behind the scenes and public machinations that have brought this country to this condition. Obama is at fault? My regret is that instead of remaining in the senate to fight for substantive reform like Dr. Ron Paul, he chose to sell his soul in order to be this country's first 'black' president. Both he and the left wing 'Republicrats' who crafted and staged that production will suffer the consequences along with the American public the majority of whom have lacked the courage and character of will to insist on strong public servants unbound to criminal lobbyist interests. When Newt Gingrich stood
    on the capital steps and spoke out of his mouth "if the Republican Party
    does not live up to its 'Contract with America' there will be a mass defec-
    tion to a third party". The fact that this obviously did not happen explains
    the present situation and its chief cause, a brainwashed American public that
    like a willess weathervane go flipping and flopping back and forth between
    the Democrats and the Republicans (Republicrats better describes both now!)
    You're ranting now? Sit tight for a couple years. It takes two to tango and this brainwashed 'american public' and their adored/loved popularity contest winners are still dancing, and what obsene footstepping this has been! Dirty
    dancing at its worst.

    Heaven help the decent folk who have to suffer all this historical filth!

    Erick Dean Tippett
    Chicago, Illinois

  31. Everybody wants to blame someone. The problems today were not started by Obama or Bush, it started a long time ago when this country decided to be the big brother of the world, hence the deficit and compounded by the facts that the idiotic people of this country are stupid enough to believe their politicians that they are doing good for this country (most of them have been caught lying through their teeth on TV or radio, yet they still get re-elected: they are only in it for their own good and the money .... hence, the idiotic term).

    Too much credit for too long and now too much of no credit is a problem too. This is what you term the bull and bust economy. Everything is going down eventually, credit and cash are contracting even after Bernanke QE1 and QE2. We all forget that no one can make you borrow or lend if you don't see the purpose of it (human nature is such that self preservation come first and that is true to the politicians and big businesses -even Bernanke- too).

    Last week, none of the news that came out changes anything, yet the market rallied for a good 8% from the low of 6/16, I asked myself, did the EU deal change anything for the peripheral countries in Europe (answer:no), did all the ISM and employment data change anything (answer: no-long term, yes-short term, only the money manager, professional traders, the brokerages, et. al., but not the public). Look at a chart of the KBW bank index, it is still below the 2010 high, yet everyone of CNBC is touting we are coming back, what a bunch of craps? If you believe this people, all of you would be broke eventually (even Adam, sorry to say). Think for yourself and make good decision base upon your own situation.

    Good luck, that my rant.

  32. Adam,

    For Christ's sake, stop the political rants. It's not your arena. Stick to market analysis. Leave the political rants to Fox News, Glenn Beck and the rest of the morons at Fox Business News.


    Respectfully yours,

    Eric J. Meyers, CPA, CFA, MBA

  33. What a waste of bytes. Stick to your candlesticks......this schtick isn't working, Adam

  34. Any one that makes comments in favor of taxes are government trolls..How is paying more taxes to people who sit on their rears in offices helping with the economy?Taxes have every thing to do with the economy and the debasing of the dollar is one secret way we are being taxed.Hidden sales taxes on every thing you buy and consume,it is endless on how paper shufflers in offices get every thing we work for.Let's just agree that America is dead and it was planned by the enemies in Washington.Saying the gov should do this and that is useless ,they do not want to do any thing to make it better...

  35. Unemploymnet will remain were it is at until the Real estate problems are solved. The construction and building industry up until the beginning of the real estate bust was the largest industry in the country followed closely by auto. It employed more people earning good wages than any other industry keeping in mind this includes the trickle down effect including appliances, carpet, furniture, etc, etc.

  36. Money circulates, debt don't! There is a lot of money out here, but precious little is circulating. When money moves, jobs are created, and the govt gets a piece of the action because it collects taxes when money changes hands. People spend monye for 2 reasons. 1. they have to, and 2. They think/feel they will get some more to replace the money just spent.

    The debt has to driven to zero which will take 50 to 100 years. The fed must be phased out. Money, cash, needs to be issued by the treasury dept, a Constitutional system, with NO debt attached to it.. Money with debt, interest due, attached to it is a banking system, a fed res system. Interest on the ND is the 2nd or 3rd largest line item in the budget. If there was no ND there would be no interest due and all the money/interest being paid now would be free for the govt to spend elsewhere. Like pay for SS and Medicare.

    Having 50 years of managed deflation, aka increasing the purchasing power of the money, would be just as stable as the last almost 100 years of inflation, aka decreasing the purchasing power of the money, since the fed res was legislated into being in 1913.

    And where does money come from? It is a 100% man made item, otherwise it would grow on trees, etc.. Nor does it come from the "economy"! The economy only determines who has the money put into circulation by the govt! And a lot of our money is circulating, but it is circulating overseas. And a lot of it ends up in the hands of poeple like iran who can use it to buy weapons since their money is probably not worth much in international trade. And then Sudi Arabia probably spends a lot of dollars to build mosques here in direct violation of the Constitution that does not allow govt to establish a religion! They probably pay their clerics salaries and the mosques do not collect enough in collection plates 5 times a day, to pay for operating their facilities. Quite frankly it sure seems like O favors islamic efforts to take over the nation, just like islam has been doing around the world for 1300 years!

  37. After experiencing this last rant, I think this should be known as "Adam's Right Wing Rants." Where was he when greedy Wall Street took us into this mess? I guess enforcing regulations would have not helped at all. Please stick to a no excuse strategy for stock trading.

  38. State of American affairs Brilliantly explained by LanceJ!

    A metaphor I found is that Obama is expected and asked to fix a house with no roof, no foundation , no walls without being given the work force, the truck, the money nor the materials to fix it! And the, he is blamed for the house not being fixed in short time! What an aberration!

    With as low taxes as we had in the past 10 years, no job creation occurred because greed( profit pocketing by businesses and rich =2% of Americans which include the US Senate and House members, ironically) is too tempting in this material society.

    Yet the rich and privileged( yes, count in the legislators state and US alike keep collecting their hefty salaries paid by middle class while having the nerve to play with middle and low income American lives,while using our tax money to fund for their health insurance covered fully for the rest of their lives, using the planes, highways paid by American tax money, and collecting the 6 figure income paid by our tax money, we, the American people sit and watch how A hand full minority of entitled strata of our society dictates what the majority of 95% of the American people deserve to have or not to have.

    So let us see all Republicans insisting on lowering taxes RENOUNCE their OWN salaries funded by these very same taxes they insist on lowering without lowering one cent of their own salaries and perks they use. Let ua see these Republicans using any mean of transportation which is not funded by taxes, etc!

    Come on, America, wake up ! Who has the power and the money to dictate what the very people who elected and paid these self entitled legislators ?

  39. Adam
    I feel your frustration. I'm with you on small business, but large corporations I'm not totally there. Public corporations CEO's are more interested in their compensation than the shareholders. Most have no "skin" in the game and the compensation a lot of these CEO's get, they should be ashamed.

  40. Big business is sitting on lots of cash...jobs are overseas because labor is less. Big business screwed Americans and big business makes a profit by keeping labor costs down. Sure small business are one way to grow jobs, there are lots of ways to get tax breaks for small businesses. There is no easy answer and the President is one person who walked into a mess.

    We need peace....some spending on wars and stop giving the defense contractors government money. I work for a state and federal spending has been small compared to what we spend on war...check your numbers do some comparison of what we spend on job creation vs. war. Eisenhower said the "military industrial complex" would kill us.

  41. Do not try to get help with Therapy for your rant. No docter can cure you. Your case appears to be hopeless

  42. I'm leaning toward the camp predicting double-dip recession and very high inflation/unemployment. Unfortunately so.

  43. Adam,





  44. All the money that has been iinfused by the government has been used by the economy to pay down debt, or sent overseas. It has not flowed into the consumptive economy. No demand, no jobs.

    While this deleveraging by companies and households continues (as it must, probably for several years more)there will be little improvement in employment. To keep the economy afloat(maintain GDP), the government has to make up the difference.

    Perhaps a more effective way of making this infusion is directly, as was done in the '30's. There is certainly much to be done for the infrastructure and consumption.

    Cutting spending now is the road to disaster - just as in '37.

  45. thanks adam
    I enjoy your presentations.
    Looking forward to Market club coming to the asx (ps what is the cost for a US membership?)

  46. Adam,
    I don't think that I quite agree about the job situation.
    The recession that we seem to still be in, was caused by mischief on Wall Street - that has been well documented, but none of the miscreants have suffered any consequences. The costs are now to be shifted to people who are least able to pay - are too old to work (if there were any jobs), through cuts in Medicare and Social Security. That has been the plan all along. I believe It's called Plutocracy.
    During the recession corporate profits have been handsome indeed, and corporations have learned that unemployment is good for the bottom line. The unemployed will therefore be permanently unemployed. At some time one would think that the shrinking middle class will have so little to spend upon goods and services that corporations would suffer, but that never happens; they find a market somewhere.  

  47. As long as we give our technology to third world countries we screw our workers. Our stimulus checks came from China and everyone went to dollar store and bought Chinese made products................and we still owe China the principal plus the interest and to boot they sold a ton of their products in the dollar stores............what a scam! We as americans give to everyone in the world and now we are finding these countries lie to our faces about a number of things and we fight thier wars and they continue to screw us. We as americans screw other americans to get what we want and do not care about each other!

  48. Adam,

    You have clearly & concisely identified the problem and possible solutions. You are appealing to people's common sense. Unfortunately no one in the last several regimes within the "D.C. belt way" operate based on common sense. On July 4th a downloaded a copy of the Declaration of Independence from the National Archives and took it to an annual celebration I attend to pass around to the other participants. We all marveled at how roughly 50% of the charges laid at King George's feet as reason for seccesion from the British Empire still exist today or have crept back in to take hold of our collective throats once again. Apparently it is time for another revolution?

  49. We have reached our maximum as England did 100 years ago.Jobs will leave the country faster and faster than we can create them! All trade agreements that undermine jobs and cause unacceptable unemployment must have provisions for retraining. The faster people retire unemployment will decrease; medicare and social security create demand in the services industry for sure.I suggest Jack London's War of the Classes,Chapter Maximum Question,which written over 100 years ago,describes how we would get unemployment and how to stabilize it!

  50. Great video

    The past few years was a test (again) of failed Keynesian Economics - it hasn't worked before and it will not work now. Carter tried then Reagan changed to supply side economics which produced a boom of prosperity. Obama needs to learn from Economic history. It has been said that Obama liked Reagan, if so then he must follow the lead of Reagan.

    Government needs to be downsized dramatically, the debt ceiling should not be raised. Government must deregulate and get out of the way of business. Businesses create jobs!

  51. I do have a couple of questions. Adam said that it's small business that creates jobs and that companies have vast amounts of cash overseas that they won't repatriate until there's a tax break.
    --What affect would it have if that money were repatriated? Loans?
    --Are the small businesses the companies with money overseas? I would think not.

  52. You are, of course, correct in everything you said. We are doomed. This is the "change" Obama wants. If he can get more than 50 percent of the population on welfare/unemployment/unionized he is sure to be re-elected. I have a constant sick feeling that our country will never be the same. I never thought I would ever feel this way in my life. The dark cloud of a mediocre solialist life awaits us. I have a daughter that will never know the unequaled feeling of greatness and pride that I have always had for this country. I can't understand how there are so many people for Obama and his ways. There is nowhere to go....I feel very sad and it colors all the things of my life. I don't think Romney is the guy and I can't imagine how bad it will be in another 18 months. I am sick in my soul.

  53. Call me and I'll give you 3 great ideas that will substantially increase employment and not cost us a dime!

  54. I am a Canadian Adam, but even I know the U.S. is in serious trouble. You are quite right as usual. High time to change policy or politicians. Don't the average Americans see this?
    I am sure Americans and Canadians would both like a recall legislation on the books so they could get rid of politicians that are either incompetent, or are just not doing their jobs!
    Switzerland has a system to at least force a referendum on bad legislation requiring only something like 50,000 signatures.

    I hope for all our futures, the public will wake up and flood the elected officials with phone calls, emails etc. and demand action!


  55. I don't understand how lower taxes on small business helps them to increase revenue, which is ultimately the source of new jobs. I've owned a number of small businesses ranging from $2mm to $50mm annual revenue and I only hired net new people when I needed them to handle increased business. Taxes had nothing to do with it.

  56. Adam, you are so right on with your analysis. By the way, I don't consider your video a rant, its just paln the trueth. Thankyou for speaking out and being for America and small business.

  57. I have closed 2 different businesses in the past 4 years duo to the policies we have in the USA. I am really concern that the road we are headed is not one we were lead to believe was the road. In the last 3 years I have lost all the savings I had since I started working at the age of 17 yrs. I am 46 years old and I feel like 80. In the past 3 years I have closed 2 businesses that were doing well for over 6 years duo to Obama's policies. Does not have a clue on small business and the jobs we create in the country. I am sick to my stomach because I can not find any work to support my family and put mu 2 kids through school. I started trading and looking forward to being a long time member of your service when I get some money. I follow your 1 pm everyday without missing it and your weekend rants. Keep doing what you do and God Bless!!
    Felix Gonzalez
    Fort Lauderdale Florida

  58. There is hope. As more and more intelligent, articulate and forward-thinking individuals are able to communicate, there is hope that as a country we may wake up and "throw the bums out" in 2012. If we don't then we're doomed to repeat history, whether it was Rome, England, or Japan. The results were a reduction in the standard of living and a passing of the competitive baton to another country or the society went out of existence.

    I commend you for alertly noting the need to repatriate the corporate profits sitting overseas. Give business the incentive, bring the money home, and put it to work. I'm disheartened that so few, media and politicians and all, refuse to see this as a real stimulus plan that would generate jobs.

    Gerald Celente says "when the people lose everything, they lose it" (paraphrase probably). If we can't find jobs for our young and for those disenfranchised by the loss of their own, and if we rely on fostering an entitlement society where a person can refuse to work and get paid for longer and longer periods, ultimately we may see those same, and many more, in the streets because they lost everything, including their dignity. Civil choas are not just words anymore. It's in the towns and on the streets around the world. How can anyone in this country think it can't happen here?

    As always, I wait and look for you comments daily.

  59. O in office 3 yrs. At first job increase. Oil disaster in Gulf. No job increase. Possible solution:
    government consortium to drill for oil in Gulf. Drill a successful well. Use money to decrease federal debt and reduce gas prices. Result unbelievable prosperity.

  60. 100% correct, pity that the FED (cartel of banks together with the US government) is not interested in doing something against it. At contrary, friends in Wall street and short term gains are more important then the US and it's people.

  61. The same old republican crap. Current tax rates are the lowest since the 50's. Check it out with fact checker. Its a REVENUE problem! My generation has seen the largest wealth transfer since the heyday of the robber barons. My current fear is that Obama is going to cave again.

  62. Adam, I agree with you 150% and more. I am as frustrated with this whole thing as much as what you appear to be in the video. Businesses, companies, partnerships, Ma and Pa organisations etc. create jobs and the government must lower taxes or provide incentives to let that happen which will in turn create employment which will in turn encourage people to spend the money they earned and which will put the economy back on track not only in USA but in Canada too. We can't blame people for not paying taxes if they aren't working. No wonder 52% of Americans don't pay taxes and no wonder 48% of people who pay taxes are getting fed up and discouraged. We have to swing the pendulum back in favor of the people and not big government and politicians who are having a blast spending are hard earned money!!!

  63. Right ON - I have been writing politicians since 2008 about the devastation to small business and jobs with NO LUCK or response - there is NO real mechanism for the average people to get their voice heard as our letters are never read or responded to. We can only wait for the poll box to cast a vote once in 4 years - what a crime - while Wall Street and Banks feast on bailouts and 0% money that they hord, at our expense and we are the ones expected to pay.

  64. Adam Right on - you are not the only one upset with this. I have been writing Presidential candidates in 2008 and politicians since 2008 with futility forecasting what will happen if small business is not considered and assisted. Well now that Wall Street and Banks have been bailed out look where we are and how everything has happened. I have recently been writing the following as a lot of small business that have gone out of business (hence the now 9.2% unemployment rate + the other unaccounted +10% underemployed, non reported etc.) will never go back in business as they have been hurt too badly. Therefore the uphill climb has now worsened big time due to inept political foresight. See my latest letter of just 2 ideas to the President to help cure the current problem as we have now lost a lot of entrepreneurs who will not return as entrepreneurs and create jobs. I suggest new out of the box ideas as the things like complete overhaul of taxes will never occur even though they should - just cast them all out as of such a date to be replaced by a new simple tax code where the average man in the street can do his taxes in 4 pages like in the 1950s the beginning of all the growth for the 1960s to 1990s. That would reduce all the non-productive tax hierarchy by 90%. History can help with some of these lessons.

    June 13, 2011

    President B. Obama
    c/o White House, DC website

    Dear President Obama;

    • Small business employs +50% of all Americans and creates +75% of all new jobs.
    • Young firms - defined as one to five years of age; accounted for nearly two-thirds of job creation in 2007.
    • New firms; add an average of 3 million jobs in their first year, while older companies lose 1 million jobs annually.
    • The highest rate of entrepreneurial activity belongs to the 55–64 age group, over the past decade.

    As a professional business management consultant of +20 years who has previously owned 8 businesses for 11 years; I offer two out of the box ideas within the 2500 characters allowed on your White House website. I have other ideas if provided the opportunity to explain them.

    (1) There are millions of professional, well paid, taxpaying, legal immigrants in this country who have been here legally 5-25 years but who do not have a permanent residency card (due to 11 year delays) who would like to start a business and employ people. Under current immigration laws, they cannot start a business and create jobs, at a time when small business job creation is needed.

    Immigrants developed this country. Now they cannot create employment or work except under a legal work visa from a bona fide employer. Special additional legal immigration terms should be offered those existing legal immigrants who desire to create businesses and jobs.

    Imagine if - just 300,000 existing legal abiding taxpayer immigrants with excellent credit worthiness create businesses and create on average just 5 jobs each; 1,500,000 jobs. Some will start small with 1-3 jobs and others will create 50+ jobs but all should be given the opportunity to create jobs which will spur growth, the economy and more jobs through the multiplier effect.

    (2) The banks have lived on the lamb with QE2 money for several years interest free. They have NOT used the funds to help small business create employment. Now I believe it would be fair to legislate these same banks to help the economy. For example to stimulate housing, all one really needs to do is SLOW DOWN the foreclosure rate process and directly stimulate housing construction and housing market values, immediately. This would provide new construction and rehabilitation jobs, improving consumer home values and improve consumer confidence and economic spending thereby increasing new and existing small business growth and hence multiplier effect job creation.

    If there is a political will, this can simply be done by legislating that all foreclosures/short sales brought to market currently owned by financial institutions be limited annually to a maximum 10% cap of their total foreclosures/short sales on their books for the next 5 year period, after which it will be reviewed. There should also be a caveat that these same institutions need to negotiate with home owners to rent their premises and give them a right to re-own their home, rather than just kick them out. This way everyone wins, the properties are maintained, the institution will receive income and the homeowners will have a roof over their head with the opportunity to get their home back out of foreclosure when home values increase.

    Yours truly,

    E. Gordon Rodgers, MSc, BSc, BEd
    PMIMC - Professional Member, Institute of Management Consultants USA
    MCIP - Professional Certified Urban & Regional Planner
    Professional permanently licensed Educator, Highest Level VII

  65. You need help with your audio, Hire a producer. That's one more job. The problem is that big money runs our government. It's that simple.

  66. Adam, a week or two ago I received an email saying that the May job numbers were revised down from the initial 54,000. Sorry to say I can't find that email. Also, doing a Google search didn't show such revisions. I did find http://www.investmentwatchblog.com saying that April and May revised numbers were down 44,000. Why don't more people discuss this. Also, why doesn't the BLA wait another month to get it right. I'd like to see more information on these statistics. Thanks.

  67. It is not small business, per se, that creates new jobs, but NEW small business. As we outsourced, we still had housing construction to employ the hoi poloi, that's dead. We need those outsourced
    jobs back. A 5% tarriff on China would help, as an offset to their currency manipulation. It would also help with the deficit.

  68. Adam I agree 100% with you. I've been following your advice for the last 9 months and my portfolio has done better. I,m considering joining your Market Club, but at this time my capital is a little tight. Anthony W. Pircio

  69. Finally someone who is willing to tell the truth about what's going on without jargon or bull****.


  70. Adam, I totally agree with your rant. But it also sounds like you may have voted for him. Your fine rationality "now" seems to me to be inconsistent with that action. The former president was not as bad as he was, and still is, painted out to be. The present guy is doing Exactly what he always intended to do. Please do not think otherwise. He is NOT making mistakes; the only mistake he is making is underestimating the people of this country. If we can think as clearly as you are doing now, we can correct this biggest ever mistake of history.

  71. Adam,

    My take on jobs is as follows:

    Productivity gains achieved over the past decade allow companies, big and small, to get more done with fewer people. That is not new news. However, the recession forced payrolls down and there is no need to hire those workers back. Now couple that with business's dislike for Obama. Businesses are keeping unemployment high and that will be Obama's downfall. The affect of sending jobs overseas should not be discounted as well.

    The combination of all of the above is keeping unemployment high, and this will not change until 2013....unless Americans re-elect Obama.

    God help us!!

  72. Hi Adam,first "rant " I tuned into. Agree with the jobs concerns,all on point. I,m 64,got laid-off 12/31/10 after 41 years in the electric power area. I watched great kids,well educated carrying their working life in a box out the door every friday for 6 weeks. They did not deserve this ! The youth are the future and these people are treated like crap! Negative jobs engineering created this,no overnight situations here.As I see it,select a job that can not be shipped overseas.Where I live great young people work in service jobs with their college educations gathering dust. Not fair. Mulit-national companies are doing great,local outfits survive with no real wage increases.I chose to manage my retirement via Market Club assistance rather than see it all evaporate in ths hands of financial planners.Thanks for your product and training courses,it gives an avenue of help to us.

  73. First point. We haven't spent $4 trillion on creating jobs. We haven't spent much at all in creating jobs. At no other time in this history of this country, have we had a President who has had his appointments blocked to this degree. Look at the stats. Don't take my word for it. You are witnessing a party that is in so much trouble, they are going to do everything they can to make sure Obama is a one-term President. Bohner even said that was his number one goal.

    Second point. Lowering taxes is the fix? If lowering taxes on business was the answer, then we should have a rip roaring economy. That's exactly what Bush did and Obama extended Bush's tax cuts and then added some more for good measure like cutting payroll taxes. That hasn't helped create more jobs.

    It doesn't take a genius to identify what the problem is. We've lowered taxes on the rich and corporate America, starting Bush's first term in office. We've kept those tax cuts in place. Is it any wonder then that we don't have enough money to pay for things? Again, if lower taxes on the rich and corporate America were the answer, we should be in the greatest economy the U.S. has ever known right now.

    Warren Buffett called it right back in 2001 when Bush lowered taxes on the rich he said he didn't want or need a tax cut. He was making money just fine and warned that reckless partisan republicanism of lower taxes for the wealthy would have bad effects later down the road. He was correct.

    So what is the answer? Think of like a football game.

    First of all, the coach needs to have his hands untied and the freedom to coach effectively. All Obama's appointments need to be approved immediately. It's taken him almost 3 years to only have half of his management team in place. That's BS. Let him get his people in there so he can effectively coach the team going forward.

    Two, increase money flowing into government by: 1 - ending Afghanistan and Iraq wars, 2 - stop giving the rich tax breaks and put the tax code back to where it was during the Clinton years, 3 - stop giving corporations subsidies like big Oil.

    Now that the coach has the people in place and the money to spend, we move forward to the playbook.

    The U.S. has a deep bench right now, the most talented and educated people on unemployment that it has ever had before. It's time to think in terms of utilization. Why pay talented people to sit on the bench? Put those people to work. Create a huge AmeriJobs program that gets to work on America's infrastructure. We need new everything from a better energy grid, to faster Internet service. Start paying business, both large and small, to make infrastructure improvements. For every $1 spent on taking someone off unemployment and putting them to work for AmeriJobs, $1 must be spent on hiring already established businesses within the private sector to do the job as well.

    For example, Market Club is a small business and makes money by delivering online content to stock traders. However certain services are slow either due to server utilization or bandwidth issues. If server hosts received money from AmeriJobs to upgrade their equipment then the company that hosts the Market Club servers can improve the power of their dedicated server farm. If the ISP receives money from AmeriJobs to upgrade and improve their bandwidth then they can pay SUN to lay more fiber optics at bottleneck cities and improve the speed of the Internet. So while Market Club may not directly benefit from AmeriJobs, it will benefit from infrastructure upgrades and it will be able to expand its service offerings to traders. As Market Club expands its services and thus its value to traders, more people will join Market Club allowing Market Club to expand its business by hiring more workers.

    This is just one small example of how money flows through our economy via utilization and putting those talented people on unemployment back to work. Don't pay talented people to just sit on the bench (unemployment). Start getting those players back into the game by transforming unemployment into AmeriJobs. You want $2,000 a month in unemployment benefits? Then you need to show up in the morning at this location with your tools, or your knowledge, because to get unemployment, you'll now have to work a 35+ hour work week for AmeriJobs.

    Folks, don't let partisan politics cloud your judgement. There are literally millions of infrastructure type jobs out there to support the private sector. For example, take spam. It gets in the way of honest businesses and their communications with customers. Reducing spam is a form of infrastructure improvement but no one has the time or the man power to stop it. For example, what about solar energy? Most businesses would love to be able to reduce their monthly power bill via solar panels but they can't afford them so there's a stand still. No demand, no services. AmeriJobs can install solar panels at no cost to the business beyond the physical panels. I could on and on with examples.

    Think of it like this. What's better, to give a business a $1000 tax break? Or to give a business a $1000 savings off their energy bill and put 2 people to work at the same time? Lower expenses for businesses, but don't do it via anymore tax cuts. They don't work to stimulate job hiring as the last 10 years has shown. Instead, lower expenses for businesses but do it through AmeriJobs (utilization of the unemployed).

    So there's the solution if you really want the problem fixed. I just don't see republicans working with the democrats to do something like this. After all, their stated goal is to make sure Obama is a one-term president. That's all they care about. They have their cosy jobs with their payouts from lobbyists on Wall Street. Why help make Obama more popular by helping him fix this economy when you're just screwing yourself in the 2012 elections?

  74. YOU'RE A MORON!!!!!!!!!


    You belong on Murdoch's payroll you pos

  75. Its not just the idiotic "jobs" policy that wrong. I think we have passed the point of no return on both government and consumer debt. According to some mortgage industry news sources I get as a broker, the real residential mortgage problem won't show up until the end of 2012.

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