Have Apple’s problems just started?

Hello MarketClub members everywhere! Adam Hewison here, co-founder of MarketClub with your mid-day market update for Friday, the 13th of April.


We show you where we think Google (GOOG) is headed in today's video.

We show you where we think Apple (AAPL) is headed based on our Trade Triangle technology.

CONSUMER GOODS: +0.53% Top Stock JCI + 3.03%
SERVICES: +0.35% Top Stock GPS + 1.76%
HEALTHCARE: -0.29% Top Stock MAKO + 2.24%
ENERGY: -0.52% Top Stock CQP + 4.31%
TECHNOLOGY: -0.01% Top Stock ANSS + 2.49%
FINANCIAL: -0.35% Top Stock FNF + 1.66%
INDUSTRIAL GOODS: -0.24% Top Stock DOV + 1.31%
BASIC MATERIALS: -0.86% Top Stock DOW + 1.87%
UTILITIES: +0.80% Top Stock HTM + 3.20%

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11 thoughts on “Have Apple’s problems just started?

  1. Well, to me Apple! Is not yet at lose! Why? Simply bcos the TIME is to short to determine that! & it may be fall with certainty of rising! God bless APPLE!

  2. With respect to trading, I would like to point out an observation. The SP 500 opened by gapping lower than the previous close which had only succeeded in neutralizing the bearish action from early in the week. This set up a potential Harumbi candle stick pattern. which would be a short term reversal of the 2 day up trend. So I bought SPY puts on a bounce to broken SP500 previous support/resistance at 1382.50 for a move back to, or below the 50 day moving average at SP 500 1376. This was broken so decisively that it seemed likely to extend the decline late in the day. This did occur erasing the potential Harumbi pattern, but confirming the reversal, basis the SPY by .01 points-not much , but not the SP 500 which will need to wait until Monday for confirmation. I would trust that more than the SPY.

    My point is this. The SP 500 chart prints the close of the previous day as the high or low of the current day’s trading. Sometimes the SPY chart does also, but not usually. Unless one monitors the opening, and uses the daily time frame with 30 minute bars, it is easy to miss gap openings up or down which need to be factored in when identifying short term trend changes. Just thought some would like to know this.

  3. is anyone trading the "world cup portfolio ? interested in joining a blog concerning it

  4. Adam,
    If you bearish euro, how can you expect oil, copper, .. to go up? when euro down => us$ up => all commodity will go down, include gold, silver, copper, oil, ...

  5. Having been in the electronics business the last 50+ years I have seen companies succeed wildly because of breakthru technology. Look at Dell, Zenith, Rca and Sony. It is just a matter of time before Apple is oneupped by a company we probably have not heard of yet with the next NEW technology. Selling product to retail consumers is a fickle business.

  6. i am a member. i get your emails. but i cannot get at the comments you make nor can i find you phone no to get help.
    george s oram

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