Did you miss Adam on CNBC Asia's Cash Flow?

If you missed Adam on CNBC Asia's Cash Flow with Oriel Morrison and Bernie Lo last night we have the video for you below. Listen to Adam discuss Carl Ichans involvement with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) along his views the NASDAQ exchange and more specifically Amazon(NASDAQ:AMZN) and Netflix(NASDAQ:NFLX)

5 thoughts on “Did you miss Adam on CNBC Asia's Cash Flow?

  1. Juan I have worked in current affairs tv and I don't think that adam was 'cut off' in because the host disagreed - i would suggest that time constraints for guest interviews are the reason. I would expect Adam was briefed about approximate time on air and the two stocks to be covered- what say you Adam?

    1. GaZZa,

      I would say you're spot on. That's exactly what happened.

      Oriel is a very nice young lady from Australia and I certainly enjoy working with her and Bernie Lo in Hong Kong.

      Thank you for your feedback really appreciate it.

      Appreciate the question and your input.


      Adam Hewison
      President, INO.com
      Co-Founder of MarketClub.com

  2. Your comments were great, but she was rude with you cutting you off. I hate when greenies on TV interview a professional like Adam. If that happen to me, I cut her off for ever.

  3. Excellent, excellent video, Adam. I couldn't agree with your synopses more.

    But, what if they don't raise the debt ceiling?

    Something to think about, Cherubim

    1. That is def something to think about Cherubim. It will be interesting to watch the markets as the 17th of October approaches.


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