It's Judgment Day For The Federal Reserve

Today's the day that many have been waiting for... judgement day for Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve. I thought we would do a simple poll today to see which way everyone here thinks the Fed will vote.

Will the Federal Reserve vote to raise intrest rates today?

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Please take a moment to vote and as always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the Fed decision.

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14 thoughts on “It's Judgment Day For The Federal Reserve

  1. I am not surprised by such decision of keeping rate unchanged, and even in December too, of this year, we may found rates unchanged as since very long period, not just by Fed, but policy decisions of most central banks of world are not taken in accordance with the real Economic situation or followed by basic principles of Economics but all most policy announcements are focused to protect vested business interests of big big industrial groups.

    Situation may look or feel comfortable for a short while, however, As a result of such haphazard and manipulated actions, future impacts will be far more deepen and disastrous.

  2. If not now, then when? The economy is about is good as it gets, 6+ years into this so-called recovery. At some point the business cycle will turn and when the economy goes south what's the Fed going to do...make interest rates negative?

  3. Wall Street wins and savers lose and pressure for higher prices and more borrowing could ensue. Savers would like to see higher returns on accounts.

  4. Kudos to the Fed for a reality based decision. There was no economic justification whatsoever for an interest rate hike at this time.

  5. The Fed will not raise today because it is just as political now as everything else to include
    the IRS and the Supreme Court.

    Economics are no longer the rule of the day for the Fed, it's up to Obama and he has proven time and time again that he has no clue how the economy operates... or anything else for that matter.

  6. The Fed needs to quit the shell game! Not only make a decision but make one that has some duration. The market hates uncertainty and likes to know a course at least for the near term.

    1. The Fed's business is the overall economy and the monetary system. Stock prices are not where their heads need to be.

  7. If they did so, the financial markets would have a freaking heart attack like nobody alive right now has ever seen previously.

  8. O'er the la-a-a-and of
    the corporate police state
    and the ho-o-o-ome of the
    debt-bearing currency

  9. Real economy, is still in recession. U6 is still a disaster with food stamps and overall welfare growing by leaps and bounds. Conversion of full time to PT jobs is increasing without bound.

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