Meet Contributor - Aibek Burabayev

Aibek Burabayev is an enthusiastic financial market professional with over 16 years of wide experience in trading, fundraising, mining and logistics. He started as a junior gold trader and advanced to senior positions with significant assets under his management. Then, Aibek enriched his investment expertise with new experience, which he obtained, first at oil and further at gold mining companies. Aibek enjoys an opportunity to share his comprehensive knowledge of the precious metals markets with readers.

6 thoughts on “Meet Contributor - Aibek Burabayev

    1. Dear Mr.Nystrom,
      To trade actual metal one could choose either futures with symbol GC or spot gold with symbol XAU/USD.
      You could ask your broker which of this products they could offer.
      Best regards, Aibek

  1. Today, 8/12/2019, at about 1:30 pm , spot gold is going up but almost all the gold mining shares sold off. This is the first time I have seen this behavior. What happened today?
    Is this a new manipulation?

    Look at NG, KGC, PAAS, EGO and AU. All sold off at the same time! gold was going up, $1512.

    Thanks, John 832 247 9588

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