After the action yesterday, you need to watch this video

On the 21st of March we created a video on gold and presented an in-depth analysis on what we thought was going to happen in that market.

I think sometimes it's good to look back and reflect on what was happening over 4 weeks ago and then compare what is happening right now.

In this short video we give exact downside targets that many folks thought were crazy. We are beginning to see the first of those targets reached with today's down move in gold. You can see all of our other target zones when you watch the video.

Could gold move further on the downside? I will let you decide that.

Take a look at this short video that was made over a month ago on gold and see what you think. You will see just how accurate our Trade Triangle technology has been in spotting the turns in this precious metal.

Enjoy the weekend,

Adam Hewison

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6 thoughts on “After the action yesterday, you need to watch this video

  1. how can we get signal that market will go dwon now?


    We use the RED Trade Triangles in MarketClub to determine the trend using MarketClub's filtering system.


  2. Hi Vince,

    Thanks for the commentary. And yes, I did buy it yesterday when the new monthly signal was triggered on MarketClub.

    Please forward an explanation of the conflicting signals that you have also seen on Chart vs Studies signals.


  3. Looks good Ed. I take it you got in around $34 on a new monthly signal. To me it looks like the stock has broken out of it's downtrend line on strong volume, while the MACD has just crossed over and looks like it has room to run. All positive signs for me. I would put my stop loss at $28.47 (the low of the last three weeks of trading - according to marketclub's rules) and let this puppy run. In all likelihood it may retest the breakout point around $31.50-$32 but I think if you're patient you'll be ok. That is my very amateurish analysis and I wish you luck with this trade... I will keep an eye on it as well!

    I read some of your comments yesterday about the stock having green triangles yet when you look at the chart, the weekly signal is still showing a red triangle. Someone mentioned something about the two signals being different in an email to me (I'll have to find it and forward it to you) as one is a momentum indicator and the other is based of the charts. I would appreciate Adam's comments on this as well. I agree with Adam that "the specialists" could be working against you on the low volume stock you were trading. I have traded gold stocks for the last few years with mixed results, as I suspect that they know where amateurs place their stops.

  4. Hi MarketClub'ers,

    I'm hoping to get a dialog between us members on here in addition to commenting on Adam's thoughts of the day. Today I'd like to get feedback on a new trade I entered into yesterday, FLIR Systems Inc (FLIR). I have been watching this stock for a while and we got a buy signal so I jumped in. Both positive and negative comments are welcomed.


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