Fire your broker and make money!!

Fire your broker and take control of your own money ... and stop listening to Jim Cramer unless you want to lose more money.

We are serious. According to BARRON'S magazine Cramer has been consistent in one thing and that is underperforming the markets. This is the same guy who recommended buying Wachovia and we all know how that turned out!!

Check out this new FOX TV ad. FOX did not pay us a penny to run this YouTube ad on our blog, we just thought that it really said what a lot of us already know. The king (Cramer) has no clothes.

There is a simple antidote to market chaos and bad advice from your broker or Jim Cramer's putrid picks and that is Try it out and check out our track record. If a positive road map and positive returns in turbulent times makes sense to you then try out a 30 day risk free trial to MarketClub.

I am betting you will be glad you did.

Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub

10 thoughts on “Fire your broker and make money!!

  1. Until the media focuses on the word 'fiat' there will be no good advice from any quarter of the media. We are now convulsing through decades of postponed down cycles, previously subverted by the FED at the behest of our vote driven political leaders. Our fiat (debt) based monetary system, exported around the world, is unwinding all at once. 'Bailouts' are little more than a last chances to rob a country's treasury. How to capitalize under such circumstances? If one is aware that the wildly overleveraged precious metals COMEX is about to burn up, a la CDOs, one could benefit by taking actual delivery. Good luck!

  2. That's nothing. Recall the clip you had last spring where he was urging people to buy Bear-Stearns a week before it crashed. He and many others should be locked up!

  3. Umm. Let me see. I should disbelieve Cramer (good advice maybe) and believe *FOX*???? They are "trustworthy"??

    Kathy, thank you for your feedback on my recent posting on "Fire your broker". The point of the piece was that you should trust no one except yourself. Learning how to trade oneself is the most important gift you can give to yourself. It is a skill you have for life.

    Our mission at and has always been to help the individual investor and empower the individual investor to learn how to trade correctly. I guess next time I'm going to have to use something less subtle to get my message across. Once again thank you for your response and thank you for using and reading our blog postings, we appreciate it.


  4. Adam,
    I am surprised you would run such a superfical demo. Recruiting the unitiatied traders perhaps?
    We all know to "run" stocks JC or others suggest using MC or other. Why not lead a more mature and sophisticated approach to the market? Cruicifying JC doesn't accomplish anything. He may be a mediocre anaylyst at best, yet, what are you? Are you better? I have always thought so, yet, you've got me wondering.
    Robert Ballentine, Trader, Independent


    Thank you for your feedback. The main purpose of the blog on "fire your broker" was perhaps too subtle for many people. The goal was to alert individuals to do their own homework and learn how to trade the market correctly.

    I have to admit that Jim Cramer is an enormously entertaining, you never know what he's going to do next. The one thing I've never seen him do in the several shows I've watched is he never seems to put in a stop on a recommended position, he seems to trade without them. I have seen some enormous losses on some of his recommendations, due to a lack of a money management stop. As a independent trader myself, I know how important risk is. I'm sure Robert you understand this concept all to well. Ever since I got into this business, over three decades ago, risk was the key element to watch for. It was never how much money I could make on a trade, it was how much money I could lose if I am wrong!

    I could go on, but it's Saturday morning and I promised my family i would spend time with them. Every success in your trading and in your life.


  5. Adam, I like what you do and think INO has the lead over other services, however, this plug for INO stumps you lower than the McCain negative ads. Stick to the positive in what you do and let the fools learn about Cramer.

    Hi, this is Adam,

    I appreciate your positive feedback and thank you for the comments on the blog posting with the Cramer video from Fox news. The main purpose of that posting was to really show that it is a mistake to rely on someone else for investment advice. When you learn how to approach the market and trade the right way you are set for life with a skill that can make you millions.

    I mention our Trade Triangle technology because I've have successfully used this approach for trading for 25 years. This approach works and it makes money, you only have to look at our recent posts to see what I mean. Our Trade Triangle approach picked out a buy in the QID which worked out very, very, well for us. The other buy was the dollar index which worked and made a lot of money for our members. The third one was Gold which hasn't worked out nearly as well as the two others. I understand that the hedge funds were basically liquidating everything on forced margin calls and that this was a major factor in gold's slide on Friday. This forced liquidation may account for the inability of gold to truly respond to current economic conditions.

    Our goal at and Market club has always been to help and empower investors to make their own trading decisions and not rely on brokers. It is no secret that brokers have a vested interest in seeing you trade as their income comes mainly from commissions. When it comes to Jim Cramer who I think is very entertaining I have to agree with BARRON'S and FOX News assesment of his record. Remember, you pay for entertainment one way or another, you pay. There is no free lunch when it comes to the market.

    Thanks for reading and contributing to our blog and keep those positive comments coming.


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