Is gold ready to skyrocket?

Is gold ready to skyrocket?

Hi, this is Adam Hewison. I have just finished a new video on gold that I would like you to see. This new video deals with some of the strange events that we've been going through the past two or three weeks, or in some cases several months.

I know most of the gold bugs have been disappointed that their favorite yellow metal hasn't skyrocketed to new highs. Some people said that we'd hit two to three thousand dollars an ounce when gold topped the one thousand mark a few months ago. I'm not sure that we will see levels like that, but the reality is, we could be seeing more interest come into this market which could push it higher.

In this short five minute video, you will get to see how well our "Trade Triangle" technology has done in the gold market. I will also show you when I think gold should hit its peak.

This is an educational video that is meant to inform you on the dynamics of the gold market and how it can help you improve your trading and timing in the future.

Best of luck in life and trading,

Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

8 thoughts on “Is gold ready to skyrocket?

  1. to Adam,
    the gold could be a heaven ... However to trade the gold is not very "exiting" because prices are mouving too lent ...
    Trading stocks and indicies is "hot". To make wins is a question of to be intelligent (or better genious) and to be lucky !
    Here I have an other question 4u: do you deliver a "real time virtuel portfolio" ? How can I install it ?

    L.f + b.r.


  2. I have been following your video education on Trade Triangle. While it is effective in Trending markets, it fails when market consolidates and creates whipsaws. Can it used along with a trendline or with recent pivot highs/lows.
    Shall be thankful for your reply.
    Sridhar S R

    Thank you for your feedback.
    In a non-trending market most systems do produce losing trades. One way to avoid this is to filter your trades using our different time frame's. For example if you're using the daily for timing and the weekly for the trend you will make money. You can further filter that approach by using the monthly as an additional trend indicator also. While this will help eliminate some losing trades it also has the effect of losing out on moves that start earlier.

    I once knew someone who used 84 indicators and he would not make a trade unless all the indicators were in sync. Needless to say he made very very few trades and sometimes even his indicators, all 84 of them created losses.

    There is no perfect system nor is there a perfect approach to the markets. One can only trade the percentages. The trade triangles of market club basically keep investors in the markets when they're having big moves either up or down. Trying to catch the top or the bottom of any market is a losing proposition and most professional traders would simply say don't do that.

    If you consistently traded the market using a program that you know works overtime, and you are diversified, you will make money because the odds are in your favor.

    I hope this explanation is of help to you and your trading.

    Every success in life and in trading.

  3. I'm one of those that did try the trade triangles (weekly / daily comparison method) on the Market Club trial offer. My experience was the triangles were as unreliable in sideways markets as any other trending method is. (The triangles are geared to trends, and once a trend kicks in, they work. But in sideways markets, you just get bounced around and lose.)I repeatedly requested suggestions for ways to filter sideways markets, but received none, so didn't join. If there is a reliable way to filter the triangles in sideways markets (say, by using other tested indicators), and especially to reliably anticipate a move from sideways to trending, I would take another look at it.

    CJ thank you for your feedback.

    MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" technology was never meant for sideways markets. That is why we stress that you are diversified into several different markets. That way you are more than likely to catch the big move on the upside or downside.

    Much more money is made in trending markets as opposed to short term trading markets. There are always ways to apply extra filters to your trades. The way that we filter the trades are clearly stated in our MarketClub member videos.

    Not every trade is going to be a winning trade, nobody can claim that distinction. I've been in this business for over three decades and I've never met one person in all my professional career who is right on every trade it just doesn't happen. The key to successful trading is managing your money using stops, diversification, and discipline. If you do all three and consistently follow through with a game plan you will be successful.

    MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" technology has far exceeded our expectations in profits. We have avoided the downdrafts in all the markets and in many cases are gotten short (legally) in many markets.

    These are extraordinary times, I am not sure which markets you are referring to in the sideways mode but sideways markets always occur before they become trending markets. If you keep your losses to a minimum you will more than makeup up those losses when the market begins its move.

    I hope this helps and I wish you every success in trading. I would strongly suggest giving marketclub another try and look where the signals are and look on the moves the many of our members caught and made money on.

    Adam Hewison
    Co-creator of

  4. Adam,
    Thanks for the invite. It took me 20 years to learn to trade. I was fortunate to have a job that paid me enough to replace the money I lost. I dont blame you for not giving away info that you consider worthwhile. I would not either. But now that Ive figured out what it takes to make money, I will stick with my own approach. Good luck to you.

  5. Adam,
    What Im getting at is you do not need patterns or anything else to predict the future of the price of any tradeable vehicle. Let the market put you in either on the long side or the short side. It doesnt matter. Size your position correctly, and manage the stop correctly and you will make money. The problem is most people dont know how to do that. Your response indicates that you may be one of those people.

    Thanks again for your response. I'm glad you mentioned that I am maybe one of those people nothing could be further from the truth. I checked to see if you are a member of MarketClub land was told that you are not. If you see how we trade and recommend trading with MarketClub you would get the picture right away.

    MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" technology has been short for all of this move down in stocks, futures, crude oil and other markets. If you were a member you'd see exactly how we trade. Short of becoming a member I really can't say too much more. I would say this however, you say he let the market put you in either long or short that is exactly how MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" technology works.

    Every success in trading.

  6. Answering this question has nothing to do with trading. But you have a 50/50 chance. It either is or it isnt. What happens depends on future events and no one knows what those will be. Same with the stock market, currencies, futures, or any other trading vehicle. So why this constant obsession with predicting the future? Put your orders on, place your stop, cut your losses, and run your profits. This is what produces a profitable trader. Forget the rest.

    Steve, I couldn't agree more. However there are chart formation that do seem to predict not the future, but the future direction of the market. As you may see from all of my posts we stress discipline, stops and a game plan for every trade that you make. To trade otherwise is a losers game.

    Thanks for your input.


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