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  1. it is not about whether you are wrong or not. it is about how small you loss at times when one is wrong and how much you gain when you are correct.

  2. I have been following his predictions in the past years based on his SUPER CHART. And I can truly dissapoint you all, he was DEAD WRONG. After his failure to predict the trend correctly last year he was not heard of anymore. Now, when a new move has started that ANYBODY can see he is back. Why do I detest such attitude?Simple, it is too easy.
    But be careful and stick to triangle signals, much safer and minimizeslosses when applied correctly. Regards

  3. The visual representation + interpretation = tech analysis. Charts by themselves aren't useful if you don't know how to read them. And using simple, established indicators is fine. By doing so - using S/R lines for example, you will better understand the risk you are taking in a trade. What alternate systems are you talking about? We all have our style, and by using technical analysis we can better decide when to buy or sell. The risk/reward is set in any given trade, the investor's style varies.

    ps - I like this guy.

  4. Technical analysis is the visual representation of demand and supply in the market. John Murphy provides a great insight and foundation for market trading. However, not everyone should follow him. People should make their own trading systems according to their risk appetite and what works for them. John Murphy is a great source material to build this on. Great video Adam. Short but relevant.

  5. HI Adam... I"ve heard him before one one of your weekend educational video. He's a bright man making things simple.

    Now having said that he does talk about comparing markets. In one example he basically divides one market by another and the graph is very telling you get a much better picture of where the market is moving.

    Have you ever considered being able do to this with your service? It would be an excellent addition I feel!



  6. I cannot run this video. Please advise which internet / Exploere add ons I need. Thaks, Fred

  7. A brilliant and extensively published prof of mine once said, 'If I can not state 'it' in a simple sentence or two, I know I don't understand 'it' ... I took from that that one test for brilliance, is simplicity.

    I loved the inclusive way Murphy stated Technical Trading is open to everyone, through the simple use of a 50 MA. This is a man who not only understands his subject, but loves so much he enjoys sharing it with his fellow man ... He must be a socialist!

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