I didn't bungee jump in New Zealand ... I jumped off the tallest building instead.

My business partner Dave Maher, posted this response to my Gone Fishin blog. "If Adam sends me any photos of himself bungee jumping, I’ll be sure to post them to the blog. Ok Adam?"

I didn't get to bungee jump Dave, but I thought that this was the next best thing. The SKYJUMP in Auckland is a 630 ft thrill jump that I highly recommend to anyone who visits New Zealand.

To all MarketClub members and soon to be members, always remember ... You are never too old to learn how to trade or jump off tall buildings.

Have a great day. It's good to be back. Adam

34 thoughts on “I didn't bungee jump in New Zealand ... I jumped off the tallest building instead.

  1. oh Adam!!!
    first few seconds of the video i thought you are just joking ;you will just wave by your hand and then smile then go back.
    when you jumped my heart was falling down.
    in forex langauage my "my heart went short",but thank God i am a trader so i know when to cover my shorts.

  2. Great jump, Adam!

    Where do I find comments and thoughts about some of the recent changes re the NFA and the brokers. The first thought I have is about the 5 digits to the right of the decimal point that most brokers are now using. I don't see any useful purpose of having 5 digits unless it is for the broker or someone other than the trader. On the contrary, it can be confusing and makes things harder for the trader and especially for the newbie, I would think. Is that the whole idea? Maybe I am missing something.

    And what's about stopping the hedging? Although I didn't use it a lot, I found it useful when I had to leave my day trading unattended. As an aside, I also found it difficult to get out of these trades without a loss.

    Does that mean if I have a EUR/USD buy trade, for example, which has run away on me the wrong way, and I don't want to close it just yet but do want to take advantage of corrections, that I can only do a EUR/USD buy trade and sell trades would not be allowed as long as I have an open buy trade with the same currency pair? It makes no sense to make it illegal unless somebody or an interest group is trying somehow to make things more difficult for us lowly traders and to grab more of our money. A trade is a trade is a trade and we should be allowed to make any trade we want. This must be a ploy to help the banks or some special interest group.

    My next question then is > > What is next?

    Can the NFA just make rules when it feels like it no matter what we might say or think or do?

    Who is the NFA anyway and what is their purpose? Are they somehow sanctioned by the government? What makes their rules so important that when the NFA says, "Jump", the brokers all say, "How high?" Are the brokers required to follow the NFA rules and guideline according to law?

    I am sick of the alphabet agencies making new rules all the time and telling us they are protecting us when 1) we did not ask for their protection and 2) it is not really us they are protecting but groups and corporations, ie, those who have the money. Apparently, 95% of the traders lose their money in Forex trading but obviously that 95% is not enough. They want it ALL.

  3. As long as it is not "You are never too old to learn how to trade AND jump off tall buildings if you fail. "

  4. Please do NOT mention jumping off tall buildings and the stock market in the same sentence.Its too kmorbid a juxtaposition

  5. Well done....I live just a few metres from Sky Tower.

    Nice to have you travelling in New Zealand....and reading one of the previous comments I must say that being Italian, I can confirm that in New Zealand the coffee is a crazy business...


  6. Welcome back. It looks like you're back just in time for an interesting move in GBP/USD.

    And to Phil Liu, I'm in Salt Lake City. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful week (sunshine).

  7. WOW! That is a great video, I don't think that guy was big enough to get me over the edge there and if he tried it would probably kill one of us.
    Is it a free fall for 1/2 way then the brakes go on?
    Good work and best wishes.

  8. Congrats on the jump and the journey. If you are ever back down this way let me know, I'm always up for having interesting international conversations over a coffee, NZ is acknowledged as having some of the best baristas and expresso coffee around.
    look forward to more info and musings

    1. Bruce,

      The coffee was a huge surprise to me. I had no idea how seriously New Zealand took its coffee drinking. No matter where I was in NZ I always had a great cup of coffee.

      Time permitting I will get in touch with you on my next trip.



  9. Adam, great Jump, and as someone who works for Air New Zealand and has been to New Zealand many times, I am sure you now know that paradise is on the other side of the globe!! Hope your flight was more comfortable and drama-free than your jump!! Did you jump off the Sky Tower in Auckland?

    1. Jim,

      Thanks, had a great time in New Zealand and Air New Zealand coiuld not have been better. wonderful service.

      Heading back to NZ in December for my daughters wedding to a Kiwi.


  10. Man, you have some balls !awesome ? yes, when i'll be your age I'll try too (I'm 72)and if this is an example for trading for a novice (I)
    then you should be prised,its good to have you back and in one piece,Jay.

  11. Adam,

    Nice dive. I coudn't help when I saw you falling how it reminds me of how the Dow Jones and S$P500 will fall in similar fashion very soon.

    Good trading.


  12. Okay Adam, now that you're fresh and ready, what do we do about gold options and oil as well? I'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject, where they are going to go and which options are best to buy. For my part, having just returned from Israel, I think that it won't be long before Israel attacks Iran. I have several reasons (which I won't go into at present) for stating this but I can tell you it's not Israel's intentions to hit the oil installations but it might happen nonetheless. At best, Iran will be paralyzed. Oil production will be affected. The world will react to this event (blame Israel but be secretly glad that israel did its dirty work) in such a way, I figure, that both oil and gold will shoot up. So, once again Adam, as a new suscriber, I'd like to know what the trade triangles and other technical indicators say about these two commodities, oil and gold. thank you, in advance, Robert. P.S. We all expect you to take up parachute jumping. One of your suscribers has invited you!

  13. Heh,..

    That's pretty cool,.. But come visit me in Utah and I'll take you skydiving. I am the manager at a skydiving operation and last year we did over 2500 tandem jumps.


  14. You may have to take chances to make money,BUT you can't do much investment or make money if you DEAD !

    Jumping off a building id crazy !

  15. Hi Adam.....Wow!

    Is there anything that phases you?

    Since I started trading several months back Ive thought about throwing myself off a cliff more than once, ......and not for fun!!!!!!

    maybe I should try this first!

    love your style!

    missed you, and glad to have you back safe!

    (not even a member yet!)

  16. AWESOME...Welcome back..cant wait to read ur insights on the market, God Bless char

  17. Adam,

    Just like a true trader, no hesitation in pulling the trigger and taking the plunge. Awesome, great job. Glad to have you back.

    Jeremy Lutz
    Tech Support/Customer Support
    INO.com & MarketClub

  18. That was awesome Adam. I never thought you would actually do the jump. The Sky City jump that you did is a fearsome one though it doesn't look so in the video. Congrats.


  19. Nice jump...no hesitation and a smile the whole time! Great to have you back.

    Kenny Shay
    Director of Partner Relations
    INO.com & MarketClub

  20. Adam,
    That was awesome!!! I am really glad that you had a great trip and it is great to have you back. Congrats on taking that leap.

    Michelle Boswell
    Sales/Customer Support
    INO.com & MarketClub

  21. To all our blog visitors,

    This video is a complete surprise to all of the staff at INO.com & MarketClub. When I turned on my computer this morning, I looked at the blog, saw the video and my jaw dropped!!!!


    Sometimes you got to take risks to get that big reward.


    Lindsay Thompson
    Director of New Business Development
    INO.com & MarketClub

  22. Hi Adam,

    I am a Kiwi (from Christchurch originally) but now live in Melbourne Australia. Is there anyway that INO could provide trade triangles and analysis of the Australian markets? I interested in what you guys do, but trading overnight, whilst the US Market is open, really doesn't work over here!

    Thanks for thinking about it!


    PS, I used to work at a major bank in Auckland and watched/heard the sky jump screams all day long! Good on you!

    1. Sean,

      Thanks for you feedback.

      We have Australia on the drawing board. No definitive time frame but it is definitely on our back burner.


  23. That would wake me up! Congrats on a great adventure! Life is to be lived.

  24. Adam,

    Super saut comme on dirait ici, dans le Sud de la France !! 🙂

    Great jump. 🙂

    Hope that you had a great holiday.

    Great to have you back.

    Looking forward to your trading videos.


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