Introducing Cornelius Luca - New Analyst on INO TV FREE

There is a new video on INO TV Free from Cornelius Luca. Luca is not a new analyst, but the newest to the INO TV Free service.

Luca obtained his M.B.A in International Business & Finance from the New York University Stern Graduate School of Business and his B.A. in International Marketing from Bernard Baruch College. Since then he has been an author, an advisor for multiple Fortune 500 companies, Vice President & Head Advisor for FX Concepts, and an instructor at the New York Institute of Finance. Luca specializes in foreign exchange and technical analysis and has traded major crosses as well as exotic currencies.

Luca is currently the President of Luca Global Research and has given a few mintues of his time to talk about some various topics for our INO TV Free visitors.

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Below are some of the questions you can watch Luca talk about on INO TV Free

What indicators do you use when trading the E-micros?

I look at a whole bunch of studies. Nothing to shock you too much, but I put them together and use them in disciplined ways they help me a lot. I’m using candlesticks. On the candlesticks I’m using several moving averages, four of them to be exact, but I prefer short term, medium term, and I prefer to look at the 20-day moving average. Then, in terms of studies proper, I am using a Fast Stochastics and also a MACD. Why... see the rest of answer here:

How do market fundamentals affect your trading decisions?

The most important indicator that I’m looking at in the foreign exchange market nowadays is consumer confidence of any kind. The reason for that is how the housing factor remains in a disarray and has remained that way for quite some time. If the research I am looking at is not wrong, we’re looking for a bottom in maybe 2010... listen to the rest here:

Should a trader look at multiple time frames?

Some people trade intraday and some people are more of a prop trader which means they hold their positions overnight or for several days, or sometimes weeks. Regardless of your focus, the truth of the matter is you have three time frames, so you have your short term (intraday or so), medium term (a few days to a few weeks), and long term (longer than a few weeks). The point is, you have to fit your trading style into one of these three categories. Regardless of your timeframe, you have to look at the big picture, look at your chart... to watch the video visit

What are some of the common pitfalls a trader can avoid?

You have a whole bunch of things to keep away from, but one of them is don’t trade without a reason. Don’t trade without having some sort of stop-loss order. Don’t trade without some sort of profit taking target. Have a reason to get in... have a reason to get out. If you are unfortunate and get into a position that doesn’t go your way, don't forget to have a trading stop and move your stops.... learn more about pitfalls from Mr. Luca at

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