Saturday Success Story - Barry, Indiana

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Here's great news from a member...

"I have really enjoyed the latest version of MarketClub. Being able to see the monthly, weekly, and daily trends on one screen is a definite improvement. It is apparent, you took the time to make this a better trading tool. I also love the three studies available with the charts. This makes my trading decisions much easier, so much so, I dropped another timing service and use MarketClub exclusively." ~ Barry M., Indiana

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13 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - Barry, Indiana

  1. I do not have access to the service at this time so would like to see some vids that show the layout now as revised...I always liked the idea of a "one stop shop" for price bar data for all the commodity futures markets as well as the stocks markets / ETF's etc. It would also be neat to have it work pattern recognition (not necessarily head-and-shoulders, flags / pennants etc.) but rather patterns formed by groups of price bars as tops and bottoms are formed. These are very powerful when utilized within supply / demand regions on the charts.

    Still the service is viable and I may yet sign up again. I am in the process of migrating to longer-term trading from daytrading so it's very different for me not looking at intraday data so much anymore. Plus I don't use any indicators so trusting a system that is based on indicators is a bit of a stretch for me at this time.

    1. Angelo,

      I am going to be in Australia in January talking to the exchanges.

      At this time we do not carry and Australian data on MarketClub.

      Stay tuned.


  2. I switched to Market Club about 2 years ago, didn't take it seriously for a while, but now use it daily with End of Day trading rules that I have gleaned over the years. Within the last month, I made only 4 trades that gave me a 50% return in my commodity account. I never risked more than 2% and held the positions a week or less. Adam's videos highlight new markets to watch, then apply my trading style and rules. Will now retire from my full-time job and continue trading EOD that does not require constant monitoring. I place my orders before the market opens, add stops, and often don't check back till late afternoon. The most important rule is avoid OVERTRADING. Wait for the right set-up using Market Club. Hint: Learn as much as you can about The Williams OverBought-OverSold Indicator and MACD.

    1. I looked at your response, it's intersting. Which video by Adam you talking? Is it daily after market close he is talking or other? Also where can I learn about MACD and William indicator less 100(starting with Very basic), as I am very much new to Market club, and Its very hard for me to decide what to buy out of 230k stocks, when to buy and sell.Please share with if you don't mind how you do it.
      I would apreciate it.
      Thank You,

  3. Is MarketClub now able to display DWM charts on one screen? If so I may consier signing up for the service again. Also do the price bars have some space to the right so the close of the current bar can be seen?

    It would be great if the trade triangles technology could be based on chart pattens formed by price bars rather than on moving averages. Mathematical derivatives like moving averages lag the price action whereas patterns formed by price bars do not.

    1. Keith,

      I have a great idea. Our customer service team has been doing weekly webinars on MarketClub, and the suggested tips and techniques. You'll be able to see first hand the new charting platform. The last recorded webinar from Friday (November 20th) will be posted on the Trader's Bog on Monday. Please keep an eye out for the webinar and call our customer support team if you would like to get going again with a MarketClub subscription.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

    2. Kieth,

      Did you ever get your questions answered?
      Is MarketClub now able to display DWM charts on one screen? Also do the price bars have some space to the right so the close of the current bar can be seen?


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