Is the NASDAQ Running Out of Steam? (New Video)

The NASDAQ index is now in thin air and appears to be waning in strength. In my new video I show exactly what I think will happen to this market.

Unlike the Dow and the S&P 500, the NASDAQ index has reached unsustainable levels. This is a dangerous area for this index to be in and we would not be surprised to see downward pressure coming into this market later this year or into 2010.

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Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

9 thoughts on “Is the NASDAQ Running Out of Steam? (New Video)

  1. Mr. Adam your comments are very correct on $compx on 11-27-2009 nasduaq is 2133going downtrend and MACD difference is -126.
    Stockastic Fast K 26.27 and FastD is 69.47 so both negatives.It says Mkt. can go down on Dec. 27,insted mkt was going up so downtrend reversed and the downtrend on 12-08-2009 with MACD difference of -12
    and Fast K58 and fastD 71,which bearish.
    12-08-2009 Mkt. turn bullish so all te bearish trend before turned positive.
    So on 11/19/2009 compx is 2211.69 witth +.22 Macd difference and FastK86.4 and Fast D 76.83 which is bullish.
    Mr. Adam has video upo11-27-2009 and upto that point is very -ve and
    looks real bad.No body can say what is next without looking at future
    in the mourning and as it was up the trend went up and so mr.Adam is very correct.
    On11-27-2009 prices were under 5 and 9 days MA,which negative and bearish.
    On 12/08/09 price are closed under both the MA so is bearish.Stockastic
    and MACD were also -ve.So what is the point?
    Market turn higher on open on 12-09 to 12-14-098 and changed the trend to +ve as Mkt. went up.
    So Mr. Adam is right all the way.
    Suppose the MKT trend is down at the closing that can changed at the opening next day if itt has higher opening so you have to diregard the
    previous downtrend.If he Mkt. opens lower then that past bearish signal
    is continued until it ends with the higher openings.

  2. Mr Hewison: I have followed your analysis over the past few months and I am impressed with the information provided to assist small investors make a planned approach toward successful investing. The information is of most value towards making decisive and thought out buys and sells. You share information openly and give me confidence in the integrity of this club. I am signing up with market club in the new year and I really look forward to your insights. thanks. Denis

    1. Yes Adam I am going to the same site that I have been using. I've dragged my cursor over every word on the Camatasia studio site and can't find any clue on turning the video on.

      I miss your videos very much but I am a small investor and can't afford a subscription. If I'm ever successful thanks to you, I will subscribe.

      Thank you,

  3. You ought to check out the cumulative advance-decline line on NASDAQ, too. Since mid-October peak you see similar divergence as noted in your video via MACD over the longer time frame you indicate. Thus, you might say the "thin air" becomes "rarefied" as a result!

    Likewise, assessing performance of NASDAQ's cumulative advance-decline line relative to $COMPQ's monster move off March '09 bottom, you are left to conclude advancing issue participation has been extraordinarily narrow over the duration. Indeed, there is a strong case to be made that, NASDAQ remains in the death spiral it entered into following its Y2k peak. Thus, $COMPQ's advance off March '09 bottom might best be seen a counter-trend rally in a large bear market whose worse is yet to come.

  4. I used to get your video comments free. Now I'm told they are still free but there is no way to run them without signing up. Am I missing something on the site or is this tongue in cheek free.

  5. Cmon u cant hide half the MACD indicator so it looks like its working.
    Or do u think everyone is dumb? I was thinking of subscribing and have liked your videos,but now Im not sure. That was so untactfully done, especially knowing who created the MACD,not all indicators work all the time. This one hasnt since the begining of the rally. Some big dumb indicator arrow makes it obvious you wanted to hide this fact

    1. Slade,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      We have never claimed that every indicator works all the time. It is naive to think that is the case. If you have watched any of my previous videos you will see that we show this again and again.

      The key to trading is to be consistent.

      All the best,

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