We Are Dancing for Joy!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thanks to your continued support, MarketClub is having its best quarter ever. To celebrate this event, I managed to convince Susan, Meg, Lindsay, and Melissa to join me in a dance and usher this milestone into the record books.

From the whole MarketClub team who couldn't dance for you, "May the luck of the Irish be with you in 2010"

All the best,

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14 thoughts on “We Are Dancing for Joy!

  1. That's just great dancing skills
    wish you all the best to you and all the Market Club team

  2. Haha... that's brilliant! you guys look great...
    Obviously your team is very talented... nicely done!

  3. Market Club is having their best quarter ever. I think that's great.
    More importantly, how are your clients doing? Are their trading profits the best quarter ever? Just a thought. Am I missing something? Happy St.Patricks Day! Potential new subscriber, Hal A.

      1. Adam,

        Good fun.

        If you can get your team to provide the triangle technology for signals and especially stock scans for the 30 & 60m time frame I will consider re-joining. I really don't understand why you folks can't do this.

        Some great trades are available at this time frames spanning several days.

        Cases in point
        TNA via IWM
        All picked up at the 30 & 60m time frame and executed in the 10m time frame.

        I enjoy your insights but until this feature is available for both signals and scans I can't recommend your technology as a serious trading tool.

        1. Raymond,

          We are working on real-time quotes for stocks. When that happens look for intra-day, multi minute alerts and signals.


  4. HAHA...what the crap, that is hilarious. Next time you should wear a pink dress with the big head..lol

  5. Jabalong,

    We are working on your suggestions.

    There are some BIG changes based on user suggestion coming to MarketClub in the very near future.

    So stay tuned


    1. Hi Adam,
      Funny video - thanks for the laugh.
      In regards to future improvements...although I've already sent a suggestion in a while back, here are my quick thoughts...

      1. Ability to draw trendlines within the off-chart (below chart) studies, to more effectively see divergences;

      2. Ability to have a semi log price axis when appropriate.

      Keep up the great work!

  6. Congrats!

    Now hopefully you can take some of your increased profits and reinvest them into making improvements to the MarketClub software.

    I'm sure that if it was actively sollicited (how about a blog thread on user suggestions?), MarketClub users would have lots of ideas for improvements to what is a good base.

    There's no reason MarketClub can't keep going from strength to strength if it keeps improving itself.


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