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  1. Took a short position on the last little pullback and was stopped out at a bit better than breakeven. Although I am a long-term gold bull (buy coins when I have a few bucks) I see the market spiking right now. Aside from all the ins and outs -- India's wedding season, central banks buying and all the other obvious and subtle ins and outs ... I still have the feeling that almost everybody (a few exceptions here) is a raging bull. Everybody's on the same side of the raft.

    Maybe it's gonna tip.

  2. Gold will always hold value to individuals who are looking at protection against their money and against other markets, especially in times of uncertainty. Yesi had been reading alot about the banning of gold back in the day, as governments did not want people to trust in gold. However there is a coin out there which is a legal tender coin, which means its one of the safest forms and ways to own gold in evry aspect. Its the well-known krugerrand, the krugerrand is a LEGAL TENDER coin which means its as good as currency and even if governments had to ban gold this would be a gold item that they wont be able to ban. It is a pure one ounce coin that is traded at spot value and carries a bit of a premimum, this would be your best bet.

    The Gold Bug

  3. Hey Steve, this is Derek ... Myself I've been buying up jewelry on ebay & everywhere I can, but mostly trying to buy gold coins for their numismatic value WELL over and above the weight factor !!! I don't know much at all about inv. and don't have that kind of EXTRA money, but also above the "coin", value, I learned to buy mostly Pre-1933 GOLD coins (which supposedly makes it safe from the government seizing everyone's gold like they did back during that time) ... I don't mean to sound like I have all the info., as I said I really don't know squat "basicly" about investing, just wanted to share what I've been told (which you are prob. aware of already) !!! Anyway, I really hope I have given you some good info. that maybe you were not aware, and it will help you "Big Time" !!! If anyone out there can tell me diff. from what I've heard (I welcome & would Apprec. all feedback), and also any additional info. for a poor man to make a couple of bucks, would be greatly apprec. !!! Oh, about the mining co's., if I had enough money for some serious bulk, "yeah", if it's at a good price, I "personally", would be all over it !!! If anyone out there can explain why that's not a good idea, "GREATLY APPREC." !!!! Also on prob. every site to check gold, etc. prices, there are several links to buy bullion, coins, etc., etc., etc.!!! Hey I have maybe at least gave something worth while, please don't take offense to anything I said, I don't know how much you know about invest., I have just given you some info. for the begginner's " LIKE ME " !!!
    " D "

    P.S...Consider Silver, it's cheaper & you need to buy a LOT more of it, but from all that I've read for MONTH's, it IS going to Out Perform Gold !!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Wishes !!!!!

  4. Jeremy is correct, I got my alert at around 3am Eastern time(NY) when the Asian market was open. Unfortunately I was sleeping and did not have my Android phone on!

  5. I think at 1275 was a technical top coz now jpy intervention will push usd up sharply and also the long term fibo on gold from 2001 lows to 1275 looks very nice . it gives 23% retracement at 1030 being 2008 march top. I think gold is coming down to 1030

  6. Divergence could drag on for unknown time. But look at the weekly volume of GLD - decreasing ever since May. Late July dip may be seen by some as short term trend breaking. There is a potential for a double top forming soon, perhaps after SPX breaks out of 1130.

  7. Question for anyone who cares to respond.Does your enthusiasm for gold extend to mining cos. that are producing from thier own properties,or are we sticking with bullion?I appreciate your time and input.Steve G

  8. Hi, were the alerts fixed so as to only indicate a NEW triangle (or at least give users that option), rather than constant updates of existing triangles? This was discussed on these boards at length last year and was being referred to your programmers. Never saw an update on this, though I'd be keen to start using the alerts again if this issue has been corrected.


  9. Richard, you are rather late to the party. The party began in 1999 when Gordon Brown sold all of Englands Gold for 250 bucks an ounce. I was more than happy to buy some of it from him. Fortunately for you, the party has quite some time to go forward. But, things will be moving along at a swifter pace. In the last decade , I have a profit of over 400%. Just by buying and holding. Do not trade. Don't lose your position. Don't pay capital gains taxes to people who didn't do shit for you. Buy the bullion and hold it. The same goes for Silver. I bought it for 3.49. Sold some for 21, and bought is back at 12....but that is another story. It was really overbought , and moved so quickly in an environment that was very Silver unfreindly.
    Things have changed. A decade of decedance , and money printing has put a floor under tangibles. You better batten down the hatches, because inflation is going to come roaring home very shortly. I have beeen around long enough to see 21% interest raten in the 70's....Trust me you will see that again. You don't even want to know what inflation will look like. Just buy on any 10% pullback and sit on your investment. Remember this: The storey of the turtle and the hare. Who won that race?

  10. Wait a minute here. Let's not count any chickens before they are hatched. Yes, the basics and charts say it is going up.

  11. Al, you and I, as subscribers to Alan's trading educ. offerings, need to get clear about learning HOW to fish vs waiting on the pier every day for Alan to toss us a fish! I have only high regard for him and his generosity. I am here to learn to think how he thinks about market trends. I want to get to the point in my own trading maturity, to anticipate what he is about to bring, and be able to say to myself, "yes, of course, I see the same patterns. I know what to do!"

    So, in front of Al, and everybody, I tip my hat to Alan in gratitude!

  12. Sure looks good to me. I have been in for about a month - never sold last alert, I am looking at a longer time frame. Silver on the side did OK as well.

  13. Peter, it is my opinion that the triangles are just for the beginners and a confirmation of your trade of 2 to 3 days earlier. If you are watching the charts you should be able to anticipate the triangles by 3 to 5 days.

  14. Don't try to play gold.
    There so much manipulation that the charts often will mislead you.
    Just buy and hold on. If it drops, buy more. DO NOT SELL YOUR GOLD.
    You are going to need it in the future just to survive. This is not something to play with.

  15. Where's Adam???
    I've been looking for his Gold, Dollar, etc. comments for awhile now. All we get is after the fact and by others. This used to be an interesting site with Adam, but I guess it's time to move on!
    Al Tino.

    1. Al,

      I am here. I have been busy working on several portfolios that I want to share with our members. I think you'll like what you see. I should be doing a video hopefully tomorrow, all being well.

      All the best,

    1. Peter,

      Once you submit a comment it must be approved before being posted.


      Jeremy Lutz
      Head of Technical Support
      MarketClub and INO.com

  16. Trading this gold bull market (especially at this time of year) is a fools game.
    Last week your trading triangles recommended a Sell which was very near the bottom of that pull back at around $1240...Today it suggests getting back at $1250...those who followed that trade just lost at least $10 an ounce.

    Don't get whiplashed and just sit tight.

  17. early morning the bullish signs were already clear by just looking at the raw chart. Why need trade triangle alert?

  18. Jeremy,

    What would be the exit stratergy now that we are long gold. Do you think its going to make a move upward from the level of 1274 (as i type)

  19. I've been long and sold a number of positions. This is triple witching options expiration week, guys and gals. The markets being manipulated into the expiration - so I get out before and take my profits. Thank you very much....and wait for the next pullback to go long at a support area again with lots of money available. Buy low, sell high - but don't be greedy or you get slaughtered like hogs.

  20. I commented a few days ago that the coming volatility in the gold market is going to whipsaw traders. Well, you are starting to see this now with these "alerts" that are behind the curve.

  21. I never sold it. Gold charts are a complicated business. They come in other currencies, too, why focus on one and exclude the others?

    It was held back by bullion banks selling and the US chart is often painted .. but they are having less success getting their way these days.

    1. Sam,

      The triangle signals are produced by our algorithm. Therefore, the date and price is the exact date and price at which the algorithm was triggered. This date and price is not issued as an ideal point, but at the time at which the trends were marked as a stable reversal. If you are a MarketClub member you would of gotten this Alert email earlier this morning closer to that price level.


      Jeremy Lutz
      Head of Technical Support
      MarketClub and INO.com

  22. It's really tough making money changing marching orders almost daily. This is why you don't try to trade it. Now watch the shares.

    1. Richard,

      For short-term trading we use the following strategy with our Trade Triangles.

      Weekly Triangles determine trend and possible entry points.
      Daily Triangles determine timing: exits, entries and re-entries.

      The last triangle issued on the weekly chart should always be used to identify the overall trend. You can also use the weekly triangle as a potential entry point if you can get into the market within the last 3 trading days of the signal. Then you are to look at the daily triangles for possible exit and re-entry points, or entry points if your weekly is in a steady trend.

      Key Rule: always trade with the trend. Make sure your weekly and daily triangles correspond in direction.


      Jeremy Lutz
      Head of Technical Support
      MarketClub and INO.com

    1. CABAL,

      If you are a MarketClub member you would of gotten this Alert email earlier this morning closer to that price level.


      Jeremy Lutz
      Head of Technical Support
      MarketClub and INO.com

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