Has the price of gold reached its zenith?

Today are going to be looking at gold and analyze the recent run-up that has created a great deal of excitement and  fear for many investors and traders.

We're also going to be looking at some upside measurements that we have for this market. Conversely, we are also looking at an area that should provide support should the gold market pull back from its current levels.

In this new video we are going to be focusing on our "Trade Triangle" technology and what it means for traders. We will explore short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term trading in this precious metal. This will all be done using our "Trade Triangles."

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10 thoughts on “Has the price of gold reached its zenith?

  1. GLD and SLV are extremely overbought, as i wrote a few days ago. Taking profits now, wouldn't hurt anyone who is holding these ETFs. can it go higher? Well, that depends on the direction of the dollar, stocks, bonds and oil, Gold is watching all of them. It is a complex mix and it can change or jump between them and follow one of the mentioned above. One thing i learned: Watch the price of the metal stocks, they predict price and tell you if gold will sell off in advance, both up and down. There is an ETF for the price of the mining stocks. When the mining stocks starts to fall or rise, use this as a guide for your entry and exit points. A flash crash is ahead of us, the EURO banks are a major problem that is unresolved. When, they crash, our banks will follow. i am short - Banks, Real estate, and small companies. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

  2. Hmm...

    Open your eyes. Do you pay for groceries? Buy gas? pay utility bills? Don't forget to add taxes into the equation... property tax hikes, ect. Maybe according to Ben we have deflation but in the daily lives we live we have inflation.

    Look at the dollar index! The price of commodities.

    And by the way, gold is broke $1,300. So enough with the pundit talking B.S. about gold and a possible correction. Each time you try some new analysis and are proven wrong, you look more and more foolish!

  3. some math shows that w.r.t. euro/usd gold has become expensive since its last top of 1220 usd, an increase of about 30%.

  4. I have to admit that I've grown to like predictable folks at the position of power
    like our Helicopter Ben.

    Standard textbook play!

  5. IMHO: The major markets are overbought and selling will take down the price of gold , as liquidation occurs, it forces the selling GOLD. To use this to your advantage: short gold now. The price is high and you are getting sell signals of the major market. Buy DZZ or GLL and enjoy the ride down. I totally agree with Adams analysis of the upside price, so, he has given you a target price (thank you). When the major market settles at a bottom. ( IT could be weeks or months from now, who knows) cash in your well earned short, and go long! HIHO SILVER AWAY !! regards to you Adam

  6. given the fundamentals, the fact that banks are even buying gold and covering their massive shorts, AND producing miners are "all in" long, gold is no where near its zenith. also, the most popular option contract has been 1500 calls, which that puts a flag up for a short term fast and furious sell off maybe.

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