Here's A Couple Of Stocks I'm Looking At

Here's a couple of stocks I'm looking at that I think represent fairly low risk. I expect both of them to resume their downward trends as their technical picture is not a positive one longer-term. The first one is Citigroup, symbol C and the next stock is Hewlett-Packard, symbol HPQ.
So let's go right to the charts and see with the markets and telling us right now.
As always, we rely on our market proven Trade Triangle technology for catching the big moves.
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15 thoughts on “Here's A Couple Of Stocks I'm Looking At

  1. I agree with all of the above. I tried a 30 day trial. However, everytime I tried to log in I was directed to another page. And video would blink on and off. Hopefully, you guys will get those technicals fixed. Also, you guys need real-time.

  2. Just signed up for the free trial for 30 days only. Firstly, tried the number above and it does not work from my calling area. 877–219–1482 --That means I get no consultation!

    I am not interested in Forex I trade only stocks and will look at information that will help select a swing trade.

    This stuff better produce or it is toast within the 30 days. I would like some triangles indicating a short play as it looks like the market is taking on a down trend.

    Thanks, Joe

  3. Agree with the above. It would be greatly appreciated if video is resized so that it can be usefully viewed at other than full screen.

  4. Quality Control? - Since creating putting the videos in inside the INO login area the videos have to be clicked on several times (and resized) to be viewed comfortably. Also the video quality has progressively deteriorated.

    Here is my current crumb trail:

    Click on email link which takes me to INO Traders blog pagee page.
    Click on the video link on the video summary page.
    INO TV login page appears.
    Click the link to member's login.
    Enter login details.
    Video pages appears where video is too small to view.
    Click the video (not the full page enlargement link) and a new window appears where video is again a little larger but still too small to view easily.
    Click the expand video button.
    The video is now at a size that can be viewed reasonably well but still nowhere near the quality of the old (pre-login marathon) videos.

    I don't mind having to login but the journey is simply unecessary and it seems as though the creator has not thought it through.

  5. Video quality was fine, audio was just a bit muted (lacked some hi-end), but not that bad at all.

    Look at shorting JPM and BAC possibly? Go long Gold and Silver!

    Thanks much

  6. It's unfortunate that even though I get these links by email, and you HAVE my info, I still have to re-enter my info every time I want to see one of your videos.

  7. To be honest it is very hard to see the video as the quality is not great. The small version I cannot see and the big version I lose half of the chart. The Donchian Channels seem to be a good indicator to use from looking at what is on the table here.

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