7 thoughts on “Gold Alert!

  1. Just a word of caution to everyone reading this in the future, their Trade Triangle technology has been exactly wrong so many times with gold that I've lost count. This was clearly a likely top and on April 24, barely 2 weeks later, they posted a "Gold Alert!" saying go short at $1,178.65. Of course they failed to mention the fact that they had suggested going long at $1219.51 so had now lost a lot of money for anyone who followed their advice.

    april 24, 2015 by jeremy lutz 4 comments
    Based on the Trade Triangle technology, Gold (FOREX:XAUUSDO) entered a short position today with a red weekly Trade Triangle @ $1,178.65

  2. Commodities must kick in soon to validate AU @ current prices let alone higher levels.
    The commodity value of AU, @ $1098 on Thur,is stretched pretty thin.
    Only 'safe harbor' premium justifies $1220

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