POLL: Are You Watching The BIG Republican Debate Tonight?

It doesn't matter if you are a Republican, Democrat or an Independent voter, tonight's debate promises to be both entertaining and unpredictable, all of which make great television. Think of it like reality TV, only this is real, as 10 Republican candidates vie for attention to break out and catch "The Donald."

In today's poll, I'm asking if you are going to watch what promises to be the most-watched political debate in history. I have two questions for you.

Are you watching tonight's Republican debate?

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Do you think Donald Trump could be President?

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Thank you for taking the time to complete the poll. Whatever happens in tonight's debate, I'm sure it is going to be, if nothing else, entertaining TV.

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24 thoughts on “POLL: Are You Watching The BIG Republican Debate Tonight?

  1. After reading all the comments about Donald Trump. I think I could vote for him to become President. He has character and and charisma which is appealing to me.

  2. There were no winners in the last night debate.. one big loser ... WOMEN these guys are all for freedom, no taxes, all guns
    want to control woman's body... get this is 2015 and not 1800s

    1. Hi Jen,

      I am deeply convinced that
      Any future mother mustn't have a legal possibility to deny the life. Even if a baby is in the fetal form.
      If the baby is undesirable it's the woman liability to deliver the baby.
      She has failed in contraception measures and now her liability is to give the life to a human being.
      In case of rape there is a pro life solution :
      she can leave her unwanted child at an orphan house and the State will care about it.

  3. this guy will not go too far... but he will suck up the rest of 2015... already damaged republican party and their band will NOT see the inside of White House for years to come.. may be 30 years.

    1. Hello Pat,

      I understand your disappointment but look at the vote results above. The audience of INO are traders, investors, fund managers are highly educated, successful individuals and they WANT D. Trump to be the President.
      60% of audience asks D.Trump to lead the country

      My belief is of people want an ultra successful entrepreneur with the strong charisma to guide the most powerful country in the world. At this time they want and need an alfa male who lead them.
      Surely his disparaging, misogynistic rhetoric has to be moderated and his chances would be even higher.

      What's your opinion about the poll?

  4. Donald Trump is entertaining and he does speak his mind. That's the appeal. However, there is no way he will ever be elected. I'm not even sure he will be the Republican nominee, but it will be impossible for him to win a national election. Most people understand he's not presidential material. It will never happen.

    1. Hello jeannie,

      your opinion is of naive old sweet style. Many Americans want the Person who speaks what he believes. The polls confirm the reasoning. It's not the time for political correctness. Illegal must stay out. On the other side of the Big White Wall. Here it comes the moment to make USA better not only for 5% of the richest layer but also with and for the mid-class.
      His own success teaches the mid-class put the brand on own brave deeds.
      If you deserve it, please, take it.
      That's it. trumpish approach.
      When the mid-class accepts the offer they will elect D. Trump.

      P.S. It's important for him to stay within the reasonable limits of human judgement and not disparage a whole electoral base since he can trump himself:)

  5. Unfortunately, no matter who is elected they will only be a figurehead. The country has not been run by the president in a very long time. The only thing that's different about the two major parties is who is being blamed for the miserable state of the government.

  6. It makes no difference, in the end the machines will be rigged ( as they always are) to steal the elections, again and again and again. We the people only have an illusion of being heard.

    1. I have believed this for a long time. It's pathetic. I used to believe that at least the ballot was still sacred, but the last 20 years has certainly proved otherwise. When the deceased are allowed to vote, and in some cases twice, and when entire counties and districts vote 100% for one party and there's not a single vote for the other party, who's going to believe in the system. We are treated like fools and expected to accept this as the will of the people. When this is allowed to stand and no one investigates this kind of deceit, we are finished.

      1. Sharon,

        Can you post a link showing counties and districts that voted 100% for one party? Thank you.

  7. Trump is a businessman NOT a polititian. That says it all. Money is not a defining position in his decision making process.
    He, interestingly enough, has supported some Democratic persons and part of some of their platforms. As a matter of fact he, from a political point of view, is more toward the center than any other candidate that must confirm to their party line.
    He is the only candidate that does not tow the political correctness line.

  8. Donald Trump is a symbol of the country's disappointment with the lack of any integrity among today's politicians
    particularly the President.

  9. People that run these polls should only deal with known Republican voters. Socialist Democrats are well known to skew the results with candidates that are weak or like them in policy in case they get elected.

  10. I won't waste my time watching it. If there is anything substantial OR entertaining, it will be on the news tomorrow

    1. You really think that the lame street media is going to say anything substantial OR entertaining?

  11. I AM IN Australia and I am wondering if they will even attempt to show it. We have our own circus here with our politicians playing the clowns while our pm is the ring master, except the jokes are on the populace- us

  12. It's not so essy in Germany to watch debates like this one. They may even donT mention it in german TV. Ist all t much controlled and manipulated here and may also over there in the US.

  13. Donald Trump is both a joke and a possible president. We learned 2000-2009 that a president can be both, and the humor of the joke quickly fades with the rising death toll.

      1. Expect Trump to act CEO chairman of the board, I'm a doer tonight. as for the detractions? They said
        Reagen, what is this, an actor for President. but he rose above it, and good men will always get capable
        people to do what is best for the Republic. The President is only the vessel.

    1. It is sad to see our wonderful nation with all the potential but instead we are in war, huge debt, racial unrest etc. All people care about is streaming on Netflix!

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