Brexit Poll: Will They Stay or Will They Go

Today is finally the day. Britain's long-awaited referendum on whether or not the U.K. exits the E.U. will finally happen. After months of polls showing that a narrow majority of Britons favored staying with the E.U., recent surveys have shown the country's voters leaning toward leaving the 28-nation E.U. despite the potential for strong economic aftershocks in the U.K. and across the world. What is certain is that global markets are likely to see heavy trading on Friday, as investors adjust their holdings based on Britain's decision.

Which leads me to today's poll question:

Will Britain leave the European Union?

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As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Please take a moment to vote and then leave a comment.

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22 thoughts on “Brexit Poll: Will They Stay or Will They Go

  1. People were believing like, " US Economy and Dollar will beneficial in a great manner, if Britain will exit from EU" however immediately after such happening Dow skid around 550 points and including Dollar, there are mixed impacts on Currencies.

    Actually, through the Brexit issue, neither any over night changes will taken place in world economy, nor any constant and continues favorable or adverse effect will be found on overall global economical problems, so after settle down currant immediate reactions, most of counters will become normalized, and will find their original trend or movement again within short duration.

    What ever fall in Equities and Gain in precious metals, and heavy volatility in Currencies taken place is just temporary panic, and will not last for longer duration. Still there are many such issue remains pending, so we have to accept and prepare for such specific issue based events.

  2. Definitely a turn for the worse.
    All expat Brits will have to return or get European visas.
    All European workers will get kicked out or have to get visas.
    All restaurants, grocery stores and the like will now have to go through trade channels to buy produce from France, Spain and Portugal.
    All sports teams who have Europeans playing must now send them home or negotiate visas.
    All Polish or East Germany "commuters" to London will have to get Visas.
    The N.Ireland / Irish border will now be gated and customs reintroduced.
    As well as customs for all Ferry terminals, the Chunnel terminal -- and airports!

    Who wanted to leave? -- the old, white, less educated.
    Who wanted to stay? -- the young, diverse, well educated.

    1. Wait til final count. If vote remains tight, I expect the wizards behind the curtain will flip the vote to have REMAIN prevail.

  3. The GBPUSD is down 1500 pips! Are we headed to parity? Lowest point, hmm, ever? Surely in the last 30 years.
    Those silly Brits, don't know what's good for them.
    Take Enfield. Load. Point at foot. Pull trigger.

  4. Whatever they choose will have repercussions. The fact that it came to a vote in the first place makes the declaration that many think it is in their best interests to leave. Others are counting on their leaving the EU. Yet, whatever the choice is, in time it will make no difference. This, too, shall pass.

  5. Odds show they will remain. It's the older people that want to leave. The young want to stay. Problem is the young don't typically vote. They will be very vocal but when it comes to heading down and standing in line to push a button......we'll see.

  6. If Britain is to survive as a Nation, they have to leave.

    The E.U. is run by unelected/appointed dictators at the top, they make all the rules that matter.
    These unelected "leaders" have destroyed the free market in Europe, destroyed Britain's fishing industry, caused 100,000's of jobs to leave the country, cause the flooding of the country with low skilled workers,

    and at present are flooding the country with immigration/refugees/invaders who have changed London and the country so much, that the British are now a minority in their own Capital city with a Muslim Major running their city.

    They are facing destruction of their identity and native peoples.

    Out is their only choice, if they want a future for British children and culture.

    As a side note:
    if the British leave the E.U., then this will be good for the pallor and bad for the Euro.

    As an American i hope they leave for their own survival and also to help out the U.S. dollar.

    1. You guys need a edit on option on here, typo are to easy to make and there is no way to correct them on here.

      Correction for the above are

      1. Mayor instead of Major

      2. dollar instead or pallor

      Thank you

    2. go with the bookies. 80% odds to remain. what else do u need. I made over %100 on july 15 2016 vxx. $12 puts. bot @ $.18 LOOK AT IT NOW! JUDDER IN ALBERTA

    3. It may be tough severing their connection with the E.U. but I'm sure it will pay-off in the long run.
      Independence is the name of the game. Good luck to them

  7. In fact, either with staying or leaving, , type of pain may be different, so they can just choose variety of problem, but ultimately, people of U.K. have to suffer in both situations, and this will be a long term process therefor, is there any "Over night significance" of whether they stay or leave?

  8. Finally, there is another existence of the European Union's favorite drop line Qualcomm on the United Kingdom's GREAT BRITISH POUND! OMG!

  9. Jeremy! on your TRADE TRIANGLE......please enable sorting by COMPANY NAME or SYMBOL!

  10. Traders strength may be a kind of neutrality regarding import and consequences of votes and other collective actions. If we are simply to make a bit of money off the ebbs and flows of whatever financial tides we find ourselves in, careful about the tsuname lurking in what we hope is the distance.

  11. Interesting what Ted says. I however sense an underlying sense of awakening coming to the populace in general.Snowden triggered it in the US.The freer flow of information via the internet has torn the cover off of the mainstream media and the absolute corruption across all governments. Witness the popularity of Trump and the apoplectic reaction from both Democrats and Republicans that only want to maintain the status quo.Marty

  12. From what I read the vote is non binding and Parliment will be the ultimate decider whether to leave the EU. With the EU now deciding more than trade agreements such as immigration issues, I believe the UK Parliment will finally say enough is enough. So selling the current rally is my take.

    1. Can you please be more specific about "selling the current rally"? What rally?

  13. It's always dangerous to comment on politics in other countries because outsiders usually lack the local context and misunderstand the personalities involved. That said, as an American I see a world being groomed for globalism, and the pols in Brussels are doing their part to advance the agenda. The "success" of the Chinese system of interlocking social and economic rule has not gone unnoticed and eventually I expect other governing systems will morph to emulate its autocratic controls. Yes, the "little people" may vote from time to time, but their votes will have less consequence. The cynic in me says this Brexit vote is just a way to identify those factions in the U.K. that need more "education"...

    1. I agree w/ you. This is the making of a super state and revived Roman Empire and that's why they will stay. Anyone can read into what will happen next IF you just read your Bible. A strong leader will come up on the scene soon I'm sure, it will be most interesting to observe.

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