The Battle Continues - Who Will Win?

Who will win the battle between the bulls and the bears that is raging in the equity markets?


This morning when woke up I did what I usually do - check the pre-market prices. I saw that all three indices were down over 1% for the day. It would appear that 1-2% swings are rapidly becoming the norm in the month of December.

I will be watching the RSI indicator closely today. If you are not familiar with this indicator we have a short video that explains how it works and how you can best benefit from it. I will also show you in today's video why I'm watching this indicator and where the trigger point will come in on the major indices. Continue reading "The Battle Continues - Who Will Win?"

A Santa Claus Rally Or Will The Grinch Steal December?

The massive equity market rally on Friday was driven by short covering and a jobs report that was more favorable than the market expected. This week is going to be a battleground between the bulls and the bears and is going to be a very important week, in my opinion. Are the markets going to continue last Friday's strengths or are we going to see a two-way trading market with a Grinch-like ending for December?

Since the beginning of December, I have been warning investors to be cautious as this month tends to be a difficult and volatile month because of the holidays. Not only do investors have the market to worry about, but also the threat of terrorism which I think is in the back of everyone's mind here and in Europe. Continue reading "A Santa Claus Rally Or Will The Grinch Steal December?"