Day Trading E-mini Index Futures - 9 Key Trading Concepts

Today I'd like everyone to welcome back Marc Nicolas from Marc would like tip his hand a bit regarding his methods for trading the E-mini and how he tries to avoid being the 90% of traders that lose money! Please feel free to comment below with any questions or insight for Marc, and be sure and check out his site for a free webinar.


Trading is inherently risky, but by following nine fundamental money management rules, you keep your capital safe while building your trading experience.

Our 9 rules to keep you in the 10% winning club vs. 90% of traders who lose money:

1. Look for high volume markets with a thin spread - Orders are filled quickly and it has high volatility so there are opportunities for 2 to 4 good trades during the day. The E-mini S&P500 Index Future is a good example of this type of market (Each point is worth $50, split into 4 ticks of $12.50 and there are 4 contracts a year, traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange).

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