How To Find the Dips In A Trending Market

How do you trade a market that slips further and further from a level that looked attractive before it was too late? It's going, going, gone... Or how about seeing those monster moves and saying to yourself, "market order now or I will miss it", and so you do, and then you get torn to shreds.

The question then is, how do you avoid missing a large move without getting your head ripped off in a reversal. The answer is simple, trade the way a professional trades and you won't get caught in any traps. A professional has a disciplined approach with a strategy that suits their own trading style and account size which allows those trades to come to them so they will never feel like they are missing anything.

If you are one of those who is unsure of their strategy and is currently sitting on the sidelines watching the e-mini S&P futures continue its grind higher consider this. You missed over 180 points in returns from a very simple fib strategy and the move might be coming to end soon.

Here is what you missed after we got the bounce on October 16th: 10 point stop for all

1. Buy 1872.75 Sell 1899.50 + 26.75
2. Buy 1888.50 Sell 1912.00 + 23.50
3. Buy 1924.25 Sell 1953.00 + 28.75
4. Buy 1938.25 Sell 1964.75 + 26.50
5. Buy 1948.75 Sell 1973.75 + 25.00
6. Buy 1965.25 Sell 1995.25 + 30.00
7. Buy 2002.50 Sell 2026.00 + 23.50
Total= +184.00

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