Fibonacci Tips For E-mini Futures Trading - Part One

True Fibs for E-mini Futures Trading

Introduced by Burt Schlichter

We addressed the topic of Fibs and Fibonacci in a previous article, “Fibonacci Made Simple.” If you are not familiar with the man or the mathematics, I do encourage casual research as Fibs can be successfully used for confirmation and/or projection when properly applied. A word of caution, Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions should always be used in conjunction with other indicators or methodologies. As a standalone tool, its subjective nature simply leaves too many questions unanswered.

There is no question of the elegance and even precision with which these levels can be viewed after the fact. The most common levels are observed by a great number of traders and on larger time frames. It is easy to see the hive mind at work which begs the philosophical question of “predictive tool or self-fulfilling prophecy?” Either way, as long as we are armed with the caveats previously stated and able to potentially enhance our trading performance through its use, let’s go Fibbing. Continue reading "Fibonacci Tips For E-mini Futures Trading - Part One"