Why Favor the Stock Market?

Guy Cohen is the creator of The Private Traders Club, Flag-Trader, The OVI Index and OptionEasy. He is also the author of the best-selling trading books “Options Made Easy”, “The Bible of Options Strategies” and “Volatile Markets Made Easy” (FT Prentice Hall). Guy specializes in stock market trading and he has created numerous online applications for stocks and options traders, with his hallmark being his user-friendly approach and liberal use of illustrations. His clients include NYSE Euronext, The International Securities Exchange (ISE) and FT Prentice Hall. To see what Guy is working on now, click here!

Why I Favor the Stock Market

Alright, I admit it … I’m a stock market fan! Not Forex, not commodities … the stock market is where it’s at.

Make no mistake about it, more personal fortunes have been made in stocks than any other investment vehicle out there. That is a fact. Forex and commodities are highly specialized and the failure rate for amateur traders is higher in those markets than with stocks. As you would expect, the success rate with stocks is far higher than with Forex or commodities trading.

So with that in mind, let me explain why … Continue reading "Why Favor the Stock Market?"