A New Way To Turn Your Portfolio Green

Over the last few years, the move to "go green" with everything from vehicles, homes, food, and beyond has also hit the financial markets. But it may be harder than you think to actually find green investments since so many of the green companies still have a large carbon footprint.

Take the wind and solar companies and all the talk about how much dirty energy is used to make a windmill. Or how the solar industry is much dirtier than most would imagine due to the way solar panels are made and all the toxic materials that are inside solar panels, which could cause an environmental issue if the panel breaks.

With that said, we may finally have a way to invest in green initiatives and know that what we are investing in truly is green and promoting a reduced carbon footprint without many hidden dirty secrets.

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Energize Your Portfolio With This Alternative Energy Play

Daniel Cross - INO.com Contributor - Equities

Oil has dominated the headlines for energy markets this year so you might have missed out on the growth building up in alternative energy. Specifically – solar.

Just take a look at the chart for Guggenheim Solar ETF (TAN).

Chart courtesy of StockCharts.com

It's sold off quite a bit from its mid-April highs, but looks severely oversold based on its RSI reading of just 28.52. Still, it's up more than 20% year-to-date and looks like it will reverse course and trend higher from here.

The solar industry may be a volatile market, but it's also the fastest growing sector of new energy capacity for the next year according to a report by Bloomberg. It's expected to grow 30% compared to wind at 12%. According to one source, solar could power over 7.6 million homes by 2016 – a 21 times increase over the 360,000 homes powered by solar in 2009. Continue reading "Energize Your Portfolio With This Alternative Energy Play"

The Case Of The Vanishing Money And Attempted Murder Of U.S. Coal

Adam Feik - INO.com Contributor - Energies

Don’t look now! It’s a frightening scenario for investors with a stake in US coal.

Even as we speak, money is disintegrating. No one seems safe. It’s like a mass murderer is on the loose. Investors in both stocks and bonds of US coal companies are suffering profusely. Someone please! Stop the bleeding!

On Tuesday, Bloomberg reported this horrifying reality: “Two months after Peabody Energy Corp. raised $1 billion from the junk-bond market, buyers have lost 18 percent in market value as a slump in coal prices worsened.”

Bonds! People who bought Peabody’s 10% bonds have lost 18%! Continue reading "The Case Of The Vanishing Money And Attempted Murder Of U.S. Coal"

3 Reasons To Turn Your Portfolio Green And 3 ETF's To Help You Do It

Matt Thalman - INO.com Contributor - ETFs

While the most basic reasons to why we invest are simply; to make money, most investors have secondary reasons on why they invest in one company or another such as they believe in the product, they like what management stands for or in some cases the investor feels a moral or social responsibility to support a particular company or even industry. If you are one of the latter types, than I am sure you already understand the importance of investing in green energy stocks. If you are not, let me try to convince you with 3 reasons why you should be investing in green energy, before I tell you 3 ETF's that you can buy today that will turn your portfolio green with one single buy.

3 Reasons you should turn your portfolio Green

Reason number is that green energy is the only true sustainable form of energy over the long run. Not only that, but over the long-term, green energy is the only form of energy that can be truly unlimited. With any carbon form of energy there is a limited supply. Continue reading "3 Reasons To Turn Your Portfolio Green And 3 ETF's To Help You Do It"

Add a little more "green" to your portfolio

What better day to add a little more "green" to your portfolio than Earth Day? Today we've asked Tate Dwinnell from Green Stocks Central to let us in on a few top "green" bullish stocks and then analyzed them with our "Trade Triangle" technology:

+75 STRI - STR Holdings - Solar Energy
+75 JASO - JA Solar Holdings - Solar Energy Products
+75 EMKR - Emcore - Solar & Fiber Optic Energy Conversion

These markets may be in some near-term weakness, but are still in a long-term upward trend with intermediate and longer-term trends pointing to a bull market, but short-term and intraday term and point to a bearish movement.

+90 PWER - Power-One - Power Conversion Management

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