Quick Note From A New Member

We received a message from a new member yesterday and I thought I would pass it along to Trader's Blog visitors. We love hearing stories like this...


"I think MarketClub is a wonderful tool, and I'm looking forward to learning how to use it to help me make better trading decisions than I would otherwise make if I didn't have the benefit of MarketClub's analysis.

In fact, it's already made me money (or, rather, saved me from losing money)!  Let me explain.  Like I said, I'm a very new customer of yours, having only had the product since last week Thursday.  I entered my entire Portfolio and studied the resulting Charts with Trade Triangles and Scores that evening. I didn't like what I saw when it came to MELA. So Friday morning I sold my 420 shares of MELA at $9.61. Today, Monday, MELA is now at $8.36. That's a difference of $1.25 which, when multiplied by my 420 shares = $525.00! So, having avoided that loss, it's like getting over a full year of MarketClub service for free! Imagine how happy I am to have made the decision to subscribe to MarketClub!"

Mike M.
Detroit, Michigan