9 ETFs To Consider As Coronavirus Takes Hold

In this three-part series, I first discussed why the Coronavirus is important to investors and what the Health Care officials who have been tasked with working on controlling the situation have said in terms of where we are and how people should not panic, but be prepared.

With that thought in mind, I recently wrote about the types of stocks and ETFs investors should consider avoiding if this virus outbreak does get worse and turns into a real pandemic. Now I would like to discuss the types of stocks and Exchange Traded Funds that investors should consider owning if the virus continues to spread uncontrollably and the situation worsens. (Again, though, fear and panic don't help anything, so most of the stocks and ETFs I will be discussing are good options to own regardless of what happens with the Coronavirus outbreak.)

When the major markets turn negative and investors pull out of 'growth' stocks, the first 'safe haven' they run to are bonds. However, we have already seen bond prices jump and interest rates plummet as this trade has become very crowded. One reason they do this is that they are looking to 'protect' their investable capital but also still wanting some sort of yield, even if it's minimal. Even a 1.2% Treasury yield is better than a savings account or, worse, losing 5% in stocks.

So, once the bond trade gets warn out, investors then move into dividend-paying stocks. Ideally, dividend-paying stocks that have a proven track record of paying their dividends even when economic times get tough. This elite group of stocks is called the Dividend Aristocrats and they have not only been paying a dividend for long periods of time but they have consistently increased their dividend amount each and every year for a very long time, at least 25 years to be exact. These stocks are such companies as AT&T, Exxon Mobile, Walgreens, and Coca-Cola, to name a few of the currently 64 companies that hold that title. Continue reading "9 ETFs To Consider As Coronavirus Takes Hold"