Poll: Has your retirement portfolio taken a beating?

In addition to lost jobs, lost homes, and falling property values, many of us have also lost part of our nest egg. How did your retirement portfolio fare?

How much of a hit did your portfolio take in the recent recession?

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At MarketClub, part of our goal is to help investors become proactive and manage their own accounts. In striving toward this goal, MarketClub co-founder Adam Hewison has developed the "Perfect 'R' Portfolio." This model portfolio utilizes MarketClub's "Trade Triangles"  and avoided the 30-35% draw-downs seen in most accounts during the recession. Adam has put together a nine page report to share how you can protect your nest egg and secure your retirement.

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22 thoughts on “Poll: Has your retirement portfolio taken a beating?

  1. Over the last ten years my portfolio took a beating in 2000, but today it has exceeded those values because I moved to gold and silver in 2003, mixed with successful trades and bear funds.

  2. How about a percentage gain poll during that period.

    My portfolio gained over 31% since the beginning of the "recession".

    No broker fees, no commissions, no newsletter expenditures and no trading platform costs.

    Zero downside risk from here and virtually unlimited upside.

    With the commercial traders beginning (as of Tuesday's COT report) to buy strength, I, for the first time in 60 years am going long in conjunction with the commercial players and the other smart money players.

    If you are not in physical metal, you might just as well set fire to your money.

  3. I get that you have chosen the ETFs not based on the results, but I am questioning the time frame and I would like to see the results for more than 36 months. 3 years is an awfully short time frame in the 80+ years of the stock market. How did these same strategies do during the 200-2006 Bull market?

    1. KO,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Many of these ETF's have not been trading that long so we do not have an 80 year history with any of them. What we do have, is a history that our "Trade Triangle" technology will capture moves if and when they occur. The markets chosen in our Global Strategy portfolio give you a complete diversified picture of the world. Our World Cup portfolio is based on commodities that the world will indeed in the next 10 or 20 years and on into the future.

      I hope this addresses your question.

      All the best,

  4. When I read the comments and everybody making so much money in gold and metal stocks, we must be getting close to a top in that sector. All I will need now to ring the bell is to hear "this time it's different" when it comes to Gold.

  5. What is with the "cherry picking" of the data used for the recently developed Market Club portfolios? I for one am calling on Adam and company to give us a report that includes data from before the market crash. This perfect R did not fully participate in the gold rally, will if fully participate in the next stock market rally?

    1. KO,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      No cherry picking on this end.

      We have been tracking the World Cup Portfolio for over 36 months, and all the markets were chosen before they had there moves up and there moves down. They were chosen because these are world markets. The same goes for Perfect "R" Portfolio and Global Strategy Portfolio.

      They were all chosen because these markets are important to the world and not just in the US. The world stage has changed and investor must embrace it in my opinion or miss the big picture.

      All the best,

  6. if you draw a 50 day moving average vs a 200 day from 2007, there is a death cross at june 2007. the cross is in the first week of june 2007. that seems significant to me. that week obozo won the nomination to be the king. the day after he won, the market went down 200+ points. I think the recession started then, so, is it the obozo recession?

  7. I as of friday had lost nothing since May.I have 2 Chinese stocks and they are both down very slightly.CBEH has recovered most of what it had lost since I first bought it and WATG is recovering.My biggest gainer has been WSX(Toronto Venture) and I think that this oil stock still has a substantial upside potential.

  8. I had half a mill. in the equidy index fund. You will not belive this when shit hit the fan it droped rapidly not it is at 60 thousand today 10/9/10

  9. Max draw down was 32% and I have come back up to a 7% loss. Buy-and-Hold no more! Learning active management.

  10. My 401K is up 300%+ since June 2008. I saw the crash coming in Oil, Housing and the Banks, Then I saw the recovery and got greedy. 😉

  11. I got out of the stock market soon after Obama was elected. I had him pegged as a LIAR
    and an anti-capitalist. I've had great success with GLD ETF's

  12. Funny thing is that my losses were primarily bonds which were 70% of my portfolio. These included Lehman, bear stearn and CIT.

  13. My portfolio consists of energy, health, mining stocks ( gold, silver and lithium) and oil.many have bottomed out but I think they will recover in the long term. My savior has been my nuclear stock Alternative Energy Holdings Inc. ( AEHI )which has given me 800% since it's onset and is continuing to advance.

  14. The last 5-months has taken about 5% of my trading account, the volatility and big swings are hard to play
    with my stops. And one never knows when the ominous Sept./Oct ides of March will come into play.
    I will be very glad when all the toxic assets are finally flushed out, and we can have a normal recession, and then a
    normal recovery of 2-3 years (hopefully).

  15. Adam, I lost approximately 50% of my portfolio by the Spring of 2009. I now have recovered all losses via gold & energy miners

  16. Depends on the time frame -- at the low point after the crash, like everyone else, I had a significant paper loss though not as bad as some. But since I had 90% of my assets in physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium, and was able at that time to buy more for good prices, my 'portfolio' is up over 60% and rising. To quote Jim Rogers -- "invest in inflation, it's the only thing that's going up." And the PM's do that better than just about anything else.

  17. adam, i had a drawdown of 60% of my portfolio during the mess ,i play a roll in some of it ,i came back slightly,but not close to even by a stretch,what are your suggestions ,thanks ,bob c. n.j.

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