Afternoon Market Update (4/19/2011)

The dollar had a strong day yesterday, but did it hold true for today's position? What is the next target zone for crude oil? These are just a few questions I address in today's market update. Also, don't be afraid of our "Parabolic Studies" tool. It can help you better understand the trend lines.

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9 thoughts on “Afternoon Market Update (4/19/2011)

  1. Adam,

    Market Club's rating on SLW appears to a word ridiculous. Especially since SLV is highly rated? Since, with some exceptions, SLW follows SLV only with an exaggerated response...tell me where I'm wrong.

    Thanks, Rick

  2. SPX: looks to me like last Friday's high and yesterday's low form the short term Box,
    and a breakout either way will then allow for either a triple top around 1340,
    or a double bottom around1250. Stay tuned sports fans 🙂

    STOPS: I really like the ''Donchian Channel / Williams%R / 3-Day TT'' Method (explained by Adam in previous videos)
    which is outstanding for exiting after a top has been put in -- and re-entering after a bottom has been put in
    (with a very high degree of accuracy). As the saying goes, ''Manage your losses & the profits will come.''

    ''Happy Trails'' -- Adam, I look forward to your Thursday Market Update.

  3. Adam,

    You used the PSAR to find your stops? Is there a tutorial to show how to use that tool to find your stops?



  4. Adam,

    I'm a new member to marketclub and learning how to use your systems. In the video, you identify the targets for the various markets like $50 spot silver or $74 for the USD index. How do you identify those targets?



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