Are you the smartest? Prove it!

If you have been following our blog, then you are no stranger to our prediction challenge. If you missed it, you are in big trouble!! Okay, well not really, but we HIGHLY recommend that you get caught up HERE!

Emails have been pouring in with a wide range of predictions for the DJI and DX. It is fun to catch a glimpse of everyone's view of the market. If you have not yet emailed Je******@in*.com with your predictions, do so ASAP...remember, the challenge ends June 1st! Yes, QE2 runs through the end of June, but what fun would it be if we allowed you to guess up to the day before judgment?

Don't miss your chance to win the title of The Smartest Man/Woman of the Universe...Email Je******@in*.com now!

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18 thoughts on “Are you the smartest? Prove it!

  1. DJI 12400
    DX 76.2

    BOTH AT 50 DAY MA unless this is broken before, in which case 12250 and 77.1

    I'll go with (A)

  2. A suggestion for presentation of results:
    It would be interesting and informative to see the guesses displayed as a X-Y plot with DOW on the x-axis and DX on the y-Axis along with the actual June 30 values.

    The closeness to the true value is a measure of ones perspicacity (different by far from "smartness")

  3. This is a no brainer...... Long term Market top was last Monday, May 2nd...... EVERYTHING down and the dollar up..... Six months from now ought to see the Dow and NDX cut in half. Been a great ride on those two fraudulent tallies caused by QE-1 and 2. Now we make money on inverse ETF's! Too bad Bush/Cheney and Obama didn't reopen the WPA and the CCC Camps, instead of giving the money to Banking, Brokerage and Insurance.... History is repeating it's self and the Conservatives have caused it again. Anybody ever hear of the Glass-Steagall Act? The conservatives led an initiative to remove it in 1999, and everything that is happening now was caused by that act of stupidity..... Well, that and several million "liar loans" that were allowed on the watch of Bush/Cheney.... Geeezz!

  4. Hi Jennifer, this is my first. My prediction for The DOW, it would zig and zag in an upward direction at least to 13,000 but it could take months before it reaches that target, we can see from the peformance of the past few months.

    The Dollar I think might rally in the short term but long term it will test previous lows. If interest rates are hiked up by the FED that would give some support to the GREEN BACK.

    I very much want that U.S. increases its industrial production and create more manufacturing jobs. This could be done only if the industry especially the BIG TIME OIL COMPANIES, to plough their huge profits into other industries I would suggest Car manufacturing with clear source of energy.

    Qantitative Easing for a change should be invested in creating NEW JOBS by road and bridges building (infrastructure) etc.

    I see interest rates creeping up not in the short term but long term - next year and after.

    Lugano, Switzerland

  5. i request to include other markets like India so that we could also come & share our views.In this global world everything seems to be little.

  6. Due to mid-year turmoil at global level,DJI will be reading 12921.52 by june 1st 2011.

  7. I have had the Jitters over Big Gov playing with investor emotions; oil,gas,
    inflation, precious metals, DJI and all are going yo-yo. Everyone is on edge,
    trying to get gainers vs. losers. I haven't done much trading in the past, but
    now I do with internal stop/losses. So far, (knock-knock) I've survived without
    too many hiccups. I just can't seem to break the barrier into growth. I think
    it's a traders work bench where you have to pay attention every day to see the
    opportunities, and they ARE out there. You just have to manage your portfolio
    more closely. For years we've had economic recovery as we are told, but where is
    it aside from being an Easter egg hunt. Watch Fox Biz channel for a couple of
    days and you'll get the flavor of all this caos. Market Club has helped me greatly
    in many ways.

    Good investing and success as Adam would say.
    $$$$ from Ron

  8. It is no longer a secret that the feds have been paying the market in an effort to make it look healthy and that the recession is over or at least very close to being over. At least one financial advisor has told his clients to sell all stocks and bonds. I think that if you have several brain cell that still connect and work you can see the recession is NOT over. And it may well be headed for that dreaded double dip. I predict that within 6 months we will see the Dow Jones in the 6,000
    range. I sold my stocks and bonds before Obama took office. I bought GLD,SLV,and SLW. I have done much better than I ever did in stocks and bonds. I've been retired since 7/1/1963. And "sucking" on my IRA pretty hard, but it is worth more now than it was the day I retired. I recently bought 3 spectulative stocks. Tengion (TNGN)which is a company well along the road to growing new body organs. Geron (GERN) is a company with multiple patents on telamerase an enzyme that will kill cancer cells.
    And I bought an ETF (REMX) that has found deposits of rare earths which are vital in the manufacture of electronics.

  9. The Dow will be at 12350 on June 30. After touching 13,000, we'll see a 5% correction as QE2 ends.

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