What is Elliott Wave Theory and Why Should I Be Interested

Today we've asked Kenny Mann of Traders day Trading to share his ideas on Elliot Wave Theory and why you should be interested as an investor.

Elliott wave theory suggests that stock market prices tend to ebb and flow in recurring wave like patterns that can enable us to identify high probability trading opportunities. The knowledge gained from recognizing where the market is within one of the wave patterns, can help us to stay in a trade longer so as to maximize profits, whilst also ensuring that we know when to get out, if the market should turn against us.

What is Elliott Wave Theory?

For most people with even a passing interest in stock markets and trading, the name Elliott is usually a very familiar one. Ralph Nelson Elliott was a well respected accountant who through ill health, had a lot of free time on his hands and spent much of it studying the stock market. It was the 1930’s and a particularly interesting time in the markets. Continue reading "What is Elliott Wave Theory and Why Should I Be Interested"